Why Christians should stop embracing 'active' sinners!

posted by RepJesus on Mon, 29 Jun, 2015. Comments: • Views: 852

So apparently there are more than six million people in the U.S. that are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender or gender non-conforming on Facebook. And one million users belong to a Facebook group supporting LGBTQ rights????? So after the supreme court declared it right for a man to sleep with/marry another man, facebook goes on to create a tool just to celebrate it? Guess who else is also celebrating? Apple, Sprint, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, Tumblr, Vine, Uber, Lyft, Airbnb, AT&T, T-Mobile. These million dollar companies are all embracing a sinful act. An act that is frowned upon by our God.

I know a lot of Christians are probably confused and wondering how to handle thissituation. I am quite worried about it and I find myself askingwhat Jesus would do, if He were around today. Would He rejoice with our homosexual brothers and sisters?? Would He embrace them? Would He despise them? What would He reallydo? I know Jesus frowned on sin in the church and as such we oughtto also rejectany 'believer' who knows what not to do (sin) yet does it. But Jesus funnily didn't get mad when He was out on the streets and saw unbeilevers sin. Cause they knew no better. Which is why we are encouraged to hobnob with those outside the church in other to win them over.

What am I saying? As Christians, we need to see unbelievers as babies, individuals who don't know any better, lost and so you approach them with the notion that they don't know and you are there to teach them. When they are finally taught and they now know, next step would be to give their lives to Jesus Christ and become born again, ONLY after that do you allow them to partake in church activities. Remember that Jesus told the prostitute to "go and sin no more". The unbeliever has to get to that point where they realizethat what they are doing is a sin and that they need to stop it and it's only through Jesus can that happen. If we don't make sure of this and simply allow any one into the church cause they claim to 'believe', they will start polluting church members with their own doctrines and ideologies. The moment the church sees this happening, they ought to let that 'carnal' christian out of the church before they infest other church members with their ways. The truth is, the 'carnal' christian never truly repented, therefore they never really became born again. So letting them go is the best thing to do.

The lack of this discipline within the church today has raisedalot of 'carnal' believersamongits members. Sinners who come to church on Sunday after going to the clubs on Saturday. Sinners who lie with ease yet goto church on Sunday. Sinners who fornicate, masturbate, sleep with married people and go to church on Sunday. Sinners who slide down poles for a living and go to church on Sunday...because some Christian told them that God loves you the way you are. Don't worry about your sinful ways, He is faithful and just to forgive you. Instead of teaching them that God loves you, He will forgive you if you confess your sins BUT Hehates your sinful ways so to be right with Him, you must change your ways. You must go and sin no more.

The end is near. Many souls will be lost because someone deceived them. Many will be surprised when Jesus turns his back on them and says 'depart from me, I know you not'.

I pray that we preach the whole truth and not partial truth to these lost souls.

I pray we obtain wisdom to deal with men and women outside our faith. At the same time, protecting our sheep.

What do you think?

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