Swoope and Collision Records separate, both parties offer statements.

posted by Admin on Thu, 25 Feb, 2016. Comments: • Views: 498 Swoope,no more with Collision.

Collision Records's CEO Adam Thomason told Rapzilla on Friday that Swoope is no longer signed to the label.

"Swoope is a talented artist, but much more, he is a great person of character," Thomason said. "He was a hidden talented since day one, and that is why we signed him. In 2013, I knew his ministry through music was growing — skill included — beyond Collision, and the Lord confirmed this in 2015.

"The next level for Swoope is not with Collision, and that is okay. We are not at odds. I bless his ministry through music. I respect his character and fortitude to trust us and roll with us when Joseph and I only had $150 to his name.

"I know Allen, the person and his family, love them and no parting of ways will change how I respect him as a friend and man. I pray what he does in this next season of ministry through music supersedes what he did with Collision and points people to Jesus."

Swoope also released a statement about the transition through Rapzilla.

"I've got nothing but love for the guys at Collision," he said. "I consider them family and wish them all the success possible. It's been great to be able to contribute to the label over the past few years in what I hope was a substantial manner.

"The engine that made/makes Collision run is the relationships within the label. The genesis of those relationships may have been music, but they certainly aren't sustained by it. It really isn't just a label — it's a lifestyle. The fact that we can have our differences, come to a resolution of releasing me from the label and still show love proves that. All good vibes and well wishes to the homies on Collision, from the top down."

Swoope was the first artist signed to Collision, which Thomason co-founded with Joseph Prielozny in 2009. Between then and now, Swoope released two studio albums on the label,Wake Upin 2012 andSinemain 2014. He was also part of the W.L.A.K. collective'sself-titled LPin 2013, and contributed to many — if not all — of Collision's other releases as a producer.

Swoope is scheduled to perform at several stops on Lecrae'sHigher Learning Tourthis spring.

Collision is now home to Dre Murray, Alex Faith and Corey Paul.Wade-O Radiofirst reported Swoope's absence from the label's website and social media accounts.

Credits:David Daniels,Reporter,Rapzilla.com

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