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We recently sat down and had a chitchat with Natty Ogli, founder and member of Scrojahs. The newest GH Gospel Rap group in Ghana. Here's what transpired. J@ツ・$M0Kツ」: Who is the Scrojahs? Natty: To tell you abt SCROJAHS I need to talk about SCRO. SCRO is an acronym which means Schools and Communities Rap Outreach (SCRO) and basically it's an evangelism vehicle that makes stops in schools and communities, spreading the good news of salvation. SCROJAHS is the Rap ministry of SCRO made up of Natty Ogli, Major Cone and Danny Quartey. J@ツ・$M0Kツ」: Oh wow that's deep, who came up with the name? Natty: Me sir, by the HG's inspiration J@ツ・$M0Kツ」: Hehe oh ok that's wassap! Expect nothing but the best when the HG is in charge! So how long as the group been together? Natty: SCROJAHS has bn together for about two months now. Passive tho. Call it the waiting period J@ツ・$M0Kツ」: Cool! What lead you to choose the group members? Natty: Eeeerm, truth is I have always felt deeply in my spirit the need for a band, not basically a rap unit. On the other hand anytime I thought of being in a group, no other name popped up aside Major Cone but by then he had laid down his rap tools. It was when, through the HS, he finally got the conviction to return and just then we had started SCRO that I felt the impression to start the SCROJAHS engine as a Rap Unit. Danny, by then, had settled in my spirit as one who understood this calling so I had no problems engaging him. They are both very deep rappers with solid Word Base SCRO has two other members. Like myself, they go beyond just show of skills and talent. J@ツ・$M0Kツ」: Oh cool! Sounds great! So it's not just the rap and show that matters to y'all!? Natty: It's fair deeper than that. J@ツ・$M0Kツ」: I know about your affiliations with DQ! But what about Mayor Cone! You said something earlier on that 'It went thru, the Hs he finally got the conviction' can u explain that and also tell us a little about him? Natty: Hmmmm I first met Major Cone back in 2008 in a studio where he used to be an engineer. He was the first to record me. Back then, he was into hip hop. Trust me mehn, this dude was the illest insight. I had heard others cats but Major Cone was in a world only he was King. He became my favourite rapper and in time, we become quiet close friends. I was excited when he told me abt his desire to pay attention to his christian life. He later told me he had dropped his tools as a rapper and didn't want to meddle with them stuff anymore. Though I was excited he was quitting 'secular' hiphop, I was sad at the fact that he was burying a gift many crave and kill to have even half of. So I kept telling him to start writing Bible based lines since I could sense his deep understanding of the Word. He was skeptical about it and didn't feel right about that until somewhere in May this year, he told me he's ready to put his pen to paper and step in the booth once again but only for the Lord. I still remember the joy I felt at the hearing of that. J@ツ・$M0Kツ」: And glory be to God you were there to embrace him and support him!! Natty: Hallelujah bruv J@ツ・$M0Kツ」: So tell us about 'The blood' how did that come about? Natty: All Glory to Jesus. The Blood I believe is the core of our faith and once I sat down thinking and I felt a strong revelation that no money cld have bought our way out of eternal damnation. Neither could any sacrifice but the Blood of Christ alone. So based on that, I got a hook and as we birth SCROJAHS, I just laid it on the round table for digestion. So that's the history, inspired by the HS alone. And it's through the Blood that we are reconciled to the Father as joint heirs of the Kingdom. J@ツ・$M0Kツ」: Sounds great! Who produced it? Natty: Epistra beats. But recorded in Fireworks studio in Ashale Botwe. J@ツ・$M0Kツ」: It's really great to see how far Gh Gospel rap has come! Even though there's still a lot more work to do! What do yu think we need to be doing more of to help ya grow as a body? Natty: Yesssssur and max props and salutes to u sir. I believe it's not just about getting out there and showcasing our talent and skills; the world has more of such, but what will make us giants and strike a match is about how effective we are as ministers and not rappers. We need to really understand what we've been called to do. This we can achieve through workshops and training by Men of God who really understand Rap in its pure form. The stage alone is suicidal and produces tomatoes instead of coconuts. J@ツ・$M0Kツ」: Haha tomatoes instead of coconuts huh? Natty: Yesssssur. U see tomatoes spring up fast but get rotten in no time but coconuts delay in growth but comes to stay. Lolsss J@ツ・$M0Kツ」: Haha I get it now! I remember sometime back, we had Zadok from UK come to organize some Christian Hiphop conference where he discussed the connection btn hiphop and the gospel! Is that the kind of stuff you talking about? Natty: Eeeerm, I know Zadok but never heard of it so don't really know the content of that workshop. But what I mean is more of the distinction between Rap and Hip hop. Lol J@ツ・$M0Kツ」: Distinction? You want to organize events and workshops to show the difference between hiphop and rap? Natty: Hahahahahahahaaaaaaa. Not me organising but won't hesitate when I get the opportunity. This has always been a battle for many. There's a need for that distinction so we can have soldiers who really understand what they are into without holding back based opposition informed by wrong judgement of rap music and it's mix up with hip hop which I know for sure is religion just as any other religion is. Lol I know u and I barely agree on this topic. Lolssss J@ツ・$M0Kツ」: Hahahaha ok this is your platform so I won't argue with yu on that point! Hehe Natty: Hahahahahahahaaaaaaa J@ツ・$M0Kツ」: Thank you for your time, but before you go, do you have any last words for those who will be reading this interview Natty: I will like my fellow Christians to be heart possessors and not just mouth professors of the faith in Christ Jesus. SCRO members : Major Cone Danny Quartey Sammy Amankwah (DJ Crucifix) Paul Hughes (Revelation) Bridge Ogli (my lil sis) SCROJAHS: Major Cone Danny Quartey Natty Ogli Bridge Ogli (Shadow Member) Thanks a lot Sir. Mad luv and Respect! J@ツ・$M0Kツ」: Thanks Natty, we appreciate the time! And may God grant u wisdom and more grace to continue doing what you are doing! Natty: Amennnnnn big brother. Thanx for having me. Great grace and great power to u too

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