Jeremiah - For Better

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Thisis one beautiful love song by Jeremiah. I love the passion and energy on this one and you can really feel his love for his wife. This is a special one for my wife to be, whoever she may be, and also to every guy and girl out there. Let this be an inspiration. May u find a woman, worthy of this piece, guys and may you be the woman who inspires your man to say this about you.


God took my rib, I know you are the lady that/
He took out of my side, thank God I got my baby back/
I recall the day, the 17th of May/
early 2008, the selfishness couldn’t stay/
the most significant shift in my entire life/
right after being born and accepting Jesus Christ/
he connected me to you, attracting me to your flavor/
and when we said I do, he connected me with favor/
you never let what I did or didn’t have define me/
but baby you stuck by my side like a siamese/
when am looking down, you are right there to shine/
and when am feeling cold, you always know how to find heat/

And girl I love the way you smile and when your cheekbone rest above your mouth/
the way that you encourage me, whenever am in doubt/
plenty people have a ............. about themselves and their things/
I thank God for a wife who know how to give Him praise/
how to take it up and pray, girl you tell when I stink/
and I can only smile when I see you try to wink/
you see am laughing but this really aint a joke/
cause you be eating noodles with me when your boy is flat broke/
love you for that honey, never threw that in my face/
always show respect, never try to strip me of my place/
and through every single obstacle, your loyalty remains/
even when we struggling to get the bill paid/

And girl you hug me when I need it, your prayers keep me sane/
don’t tell me that you love me, it goes without saying/
and I just wanna let you know that I appreciate/
your fervent and your faith, your sacrifices you made/
and you can rest assured it won’t always be this way/
cause we will reap tomorrow for the things we sow today/
and though it feel like it, girl the struggle is not for nought/
but it’s knitting us in faith, I can feel it knot to knot/
see I feel when you feel, my soul remains tied to ya/
love you like Christ do the church, stretch wild for ya/
love runs deeper than the feeling, I’ll die for ya/
never could be measured by something that I can buy for ya/
when the weight is heavy and I start to feel the pressure/
you remain by my side, you support and make me better/
you remain by my side, through all conditions of weather/
thats why I promise to love and cherish you forever/

I take you to be beloved wife/
to cherish and to hold, every day of my life/
for better or for worse, in sickness and in health/
for richer or for poorer, with every last breath/
to honor and to treasure, in sorrow and in joy/
to know you is a pleasure, you company I enjoy/
your eyes to your voice, your wisdom to your pious/
honor, respect and love without condition is by choice/
for better or for worse.

~ For Better - Jeremiah (Before I Wake)

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