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Bibles Up!!!
A milli in the hospital
A billi in the grave
Grace has made it possible
For me to see today
But what am I supposed to do
Man I ain’t here to play
If they’re thinking I’m irrational
Then I am here to say
I am crazy for God
Crazy Crazy for God
Crazy Crazy for God
Crazy Crazy for God
I am crazy for God
Crazy Crazy for God
Crazy Crazy for God
Crazy Crazy for God

Verse 1[Obed Psych]
It’s easier to blend in but I stand out
I man up I kinda need me some handcuffs
Cus devil see me devil lambo (hands up)
Drill the enemy till they got nothing up their sleeves (tanktop)
And I only will oppose anything that wanna stand in the way between me and my God
Like David, I’ll be taking off my clothes when I’m praising the Lord and you’ll believe it when they say I’m mad
Michael Jackson wasn’t even that bad
Gimme the mic and you’ll see how bad
Cus I’m spitting of the reason that we’re living and willing to take a bullet till the day I’m dead
Not really into money or the competish
Mark 1:17 I just want to fish
I just want to fish
I just want to fish
Do you really have a problem if I want to fish
Everytime I start to think about the way a lot of people in the world are trying to make it fall apart, I wish
That many in the dark woulda turned to Christ and that’s the only way to taste of eternal life And that it!

Verse 2[Emani]
still got it like I never lost it
my faith wont waver
man u cant ever touch this
Boy’s body now a temple of the most high
You still wanna touch a bull with a red eye (bull with a red eye)
I thought so s3 w’adwani
A thousand on my left and right and man e no be funny
Hello buddy
Better recognize who I serve yeah man
Who I serve yeah yeah
We preach the unseen so if you cant see
What we preach, you aint got it
Just aint got it man
We crazy
5 years we psycho you didn’t know now you know
We witness about Jesus we gush out like spring flow

Verse 3[Eddy]
Cosmic divinity how you explain that
That’s why I don’t blame your brains if they can’t comprehend that
Crazy right yeah you can tell by my genre
Bring the priest from the streets to the gangster
Don’t try to stop us modern day Pharisees
Heathenish my God he don’t like rivals
So why you bringing idols
Are you Ryan Seacrest
Am talking miracles you bring in David Copperfield
You on a low power Beelzebub well guess what
I rep Jesus and we the preachers
I operate a higher tone you can’t beat me
You only half semitone

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