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came down from heaven and He died/
after three days He rose to the sky/
am saved by faith through grace/
i don’t care what you think about me/
am saved by faith through grace/
i don’t care what you say about me/
Verse 1
Yesu se w’agye me deノ› a ノ›neノ› w’agye me/
massa me mma wo nsesa m’adwene/
otemmuafoノ” no abu me bem, wontumi mmua me fノ”… ノ”se me yノ› dibノ”neyノ›ni ノ›yノ›
firi sノ› Yesu na odi hene/
Yesu Kristo mogya no nti ノ›nノ› me tene/
me bノ”ne nti obua no kumfoノ”/
my Lord had to suffer this to free me from the law/
under grace I am outta Babylon/
in His face am covered by the blood/
(by the blood) the devil ain’t got nothing on the boy now/
tell the devil to back off from the boy now/ i don’t care what you say I am/
i am everything that the Bible says that i am/
if you don’t get it/ then lemme make this statement/
Verse 2
daddy told me son hold on to your faith/
I guess he taught me well that’s why I still hold on it today/
mama taught me how to pray/
she said son do this everyday/
in the Bible I found my crucifixion/
just plain truth charley no vision/
visualize how they fictionalize the resurrection of Christ like it ain’t happen/
mayne it happened/ yeah it did happen/
the foundation of salvation is all in the Rock/
there isn’t any power greater that can nullify that/
my salvation is so intact/ in fact…… what He did on the cross gave birth to the new me/
now I realize what Jesus done for me/ hand in the air if you died with Christ/
if you sure of your salvation then charley say with me/
can’t nobody tell me Christ didn’t die/
can’t nobody tell me Christ didn’t rise/

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