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Purist Ogboi is rapidly being established, not only as a highly anointed and passionate Worshipper, but also as a powerful vocalist with a knack for excellence in every aspect of her ministry. Her positive impact in the UK Gospel scene in the last year is undeniable. Following a busy period of ministry, フdr mu m is the fifth single to be released from Purist's critically acclaimed debut album, THE ENCOUNTER. Since the release of The Encounter album, in addition to multiple award nominations across various awarding bodies, Purist recently bagged the award of Best Newcomer at the prestigious Premier Gospel Awards UK.

フdr mu m, which literarily means "You are good to me", is a multi-lingual up-tempo song of praise which testifies of God's goodness and faithfulness. November 2015, Purist received the song in a dream.

フdr mu m's catchy melody and joyful tone facilitates an atmosphere of praise and thanksgiving unto the Lord in dance. So get your dancing shoes on, pick up your tambourine and give God quality praise with フdr mu m.

Produced by Evans Ogboi




Come on clap your hands like this

Come on come on everybody

Yeaaaaaa heyyyyyyyyyyy

You worthy of our praise


When I think of your goodness

And all you've done for me

And I think of your kindness

And how you rescued me

Lord I sing of your mercies

And faithfulness to me

I can't contain it but shout out loud

You're worthy to be praised

Onwegi-ihe diri-gi-ike ime-nuwa

(There is nothing impossible for You to do in this world)

Soso-gi buchi ne-menma

(You're the only God that does good)


(The one that does good)

Agama jagi nma

(I'll praise you)


idiri-mu-ma oh 2x

(You're good to me)

Ome-mma eh eh

(The one who does good)


(You are good to me)

Ekene diri-gi oh oh 2x

(Thanks be to You)

Ome-mma eh

(The One who does good)

Ekene diri-gi oh

(Thanks be to You)


When praises go up

The blessings come down

You deserve the lifting of my hands

Holy holy Lord God almighty

King of all creation

Lifter of my head

What do you think?

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