A Sinners Prayer

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A Sinners Prayer

Lord, aren't you tired?

I ask not because I judge, Lord
I ask because of them, I am a part
I sin over and over, repeatedly
And now I'm losing my conscience.
I know that I do wrong, yet I go ahead and do it anyway
Because I know of Your grace.

After first I felt remorseful,
Now even that is gone
So is Your presence.
The prayer is routine and meaningless,
said because I know what I have done
And not because I regret
Lord, aren't you tired?

I forget sometimes that I'm made in Your image
This means You feel, too, the pain and the hurt and the jealousy and the fear and all the rest like I do when others hurt me.

Please, Lord don't be tired
Because the day You tire is the day we die.

I want to surrender, I really do
Because the alternative, I do not wish to think about
So then Lord, since I need You to please You, to love You, to live for you, to...,to...,to...I give to you my heart, my mind, my body, my soul, my breath...

I don't know how we're gonna do it.
Actually, I do.
Your word is simple enough
All I need to do is follow...

So I'm gonna try again, Lord.
Like a baby learning to walk,
I ask that You hold my hand.
When I meet a stone and I trip
Help me remember that while I hold on to You, You won't let me fall;
All I need is the desire to not fall

But if I do fall, please Lord,
Help me to remember that You are right there to pick me up,
That I don't have to stay down.
And when the guilt from before knocks on my door
Help me remember that You have forgotten all that
All I need to do is forgive myself

And when a friend calls me from behind,
Remind me of eternal life that awaits me
And the internal peace that You give me.
The one that comes with joy
Joy that no one can take away

Let us go then, Lord
Father and child,
hand in hand
There is so much I need to learn
And You have all the time to teach
All I need is to be willing

And Lord, help me love,
Just as you have loved me
I ask for Your help cos I can't do it without You.
Yes, I admit.

But please, Lord don't be tired
Because the day You tire is the day I die.

By Phoebe-Nita Dadzie

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