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Preachersposted an audio, Sat, 28 Aug, 2021

Obed Psych - Yuum Kanga (@obedpsych)

AudioHip Hop/Rap


Ba daa bu yeli to ye dunia la na tor wela

(They never told us the world will be this hard)

Ti daa bu mii ye zonam la na zamiti wela

(We never knew our friends will betray us this way)

Pupelim kani be biilim ni la is what we need

(The pureness of a child’s heart is what we need)

Oh I wish we all had the same feeling tonight

(Oh I wish we all had the same feeling tonight)


Nokumu fu wan we'em wan

(Let’s toast with our calabashes)

Cheers to bani ka ba nini near

(Cheers to those all the smart guys)

Ya’a ke3 ni ban eh, ti nan ku bang yam

(If it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t have learned sense)

Sum be yel be'ed eh, ti noki zang yam

(We learn from the good and bad)

Mmoti lani sa'an nu mmeng

(That’s my approach to life)

Stay humble bu pa'an nu meng

(Stay humble and not boastful)

M ya'a mbu se'el i just ask Mku nok tankama nim yaali meng

(If I don’t know something, I just ask, I don’t rush and embarrass myself)

Mabaaba ye mbiyaa zom gbina

(My dad says, son, fear buns)

Da consider ligiri tiim To'am sira

(Don’t consider money medicine, speak the truth always)

Even when you are caught between a rock and a hard place

(Even when you are caught between a rock and a hard place)

Bani gut yuut paa paami yel suma

(Good things come to those who wait)



Yuum Kanga ani tun yuum

(This year is our year)

(Don’t you worry. Everything will be fine baby)

(Don’t you worry about a thing friend)

(Everything will be fine)

(This year will be your year)



Ba daa ye ko'obod biiya yiya kpela?

(They said “where from this Kobori boy?”)

Dumus ting nidiba me me yiya kpela?

(What are the mosquito village people doing here?)

Bulug zing zi kolug yela

(The pond fish knows nothing about the rivers)

Haa mdau i get it if u don’t understand

(My brother, i get it if u don’t understand)

(See we all have dreams and I had to let my dreams be ma wings)

(Headed for sky but the target is above it)

(Whatever we believe, I trust we can have it)

Mya’a te’es Tomiya ne Sibie yela

(When I think about Tomya and Sibie)

Mpuusit Winaam barika nu ofaagit

(I thank God for His saving grace)

(Cus when the gate came crushing on the poor girls)

(U made the reaper hold back with the scythe)

(Before mama passed)

(4 years ago, she told me boy u got a star on your head)

(In this world, there’s a lot of hate)

(But then again, there’s too much to love and too much to give. She said)


Kpengmu fu meng ka nong soo woo. Hali lan’ni fu dataab.

(Do your best to love everyone including your enemies)



I wanna specially dedicate this to my mum of blessed memory.

RIP To Ruth Solomon

Yeah Rest in peace my little cousin Adam

Uncle Sulley Uncle Alex Auntie Hannah Bro benn

I just wanna say thank you for the words of encouragement

Big shout outs Preachers, Bibles Up The Movement

And I can’t leave you out dad, you are simply amazing

My baby Nana

Wintis my man

Zee, my manager




This sounds soooo mature. Love it 🙂🙂 keep it pumping. Can't wait for winpang II
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