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RepJesusposted an audio, Mon, 21 Apr, 2014

Future - For you (@futureinchrist)

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Here's another awesome love song by another brilliant Christian Emcee, Future, titled For you. And I would definitely be singing this one to that special wife on our wedding night. Enjoy it.


Your pretty smile, melts my heart
when I see your style, it’s like works of art
stars blaze above, it’s like your eyes at night
we got crazy love on our Brian Mcknight
and we climbing heights, together jus finding life
and we just having fun, till the day and night
and yeah thats how to psych, something that novels write
and girl you’re picture perfect, something Picasso like
huh, yeah I wrote you a letter, go look
me and you, lets die together like notebook
and baby when me and my mind, I get choked up
and I love to see you by the world, even when they don’t look
girl you more than alright, I done told the fellas
we dance all night cause you my cinderella
lets take a vacation, go see the nations
with no reservation, wherever our love will take us
lets drop it all, not even stop the car
we’ll see mountains lost, and we’ll see waters fall
we’ll watch the sun rise and we won’t sleep at all
we’ll look into each others eyes and feel eternity pause
yeah I’ll give my life to prove, 
that to spend my life minute left
then I’ll only ask for you,
if we was in a crush, one that leads to death
then it’s me that I’ll have to choose
my life I will loose, boo this song is for you
we walk on beaches, telling secrets
i wanna propose and give you a rose every weekend
and when you away, am counting the days, I want you to be here
and it’s only by grace, we having survived, there’s so many leaving
I told your mama, I’ll be your protector
i give her my promise, always to honor, never neglect ya
and read you the bible, keep you from idols, be as a shepherd
and deal with the trails, keeping my vows, always respect ya
I love you girl, you know it’s true
strings of pearls, pairs of shoes
we’ll change the world, make the news
it’s you I choose, boo this song is for you
I always knew that we will have this type of love
the kind you spend a lifetime dreaming off
you the only one, thats made for me
girl, life with you is where I ma be
my love is for you baby, all that I have for you
am right here for you, you all that I have
you are the only air I breath, you are my everything
my love is for you
~ For you - Future (Reunion)


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