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NMJ Niche Musicposted an audio, Fri, 03 Jun, 2022

NMJ Niche Music - A Song Of Deliverance

AudioContemporary Gospel
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"A Song of Deliverance" is a song written from a place of pain. It is a prayer from the heart to God our maker, asking for an intervention, seeking Deliverance.


Verse 1 

Moving one step forward and five steps back, it feels like a maze that never ends. My heart's in a desolate state, here i go again back on my knees, screaming


Pull me out of this darkness, let your light shine through. Save me from this madness, let your grace speak for me


Verse 2

Stuck in an endless circle, my eyes are filled with lust, i seek redemption, help me curb this urge i feel inside

Reapeat Chorus

Verse 3

I know you hear me, you see my struggles, i'm tired Lord, my heart's so feeble. Come, rescue me, i'm drowning in sorrow. Hold my hands please

Repeat Chorus....



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