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Paul Payneposted an audio, Thu, 07 Jul, 2022

Paul Payne837 - What If feat. Chisomo (@PaulPayne837)

AudioAfro Pop/Gospel
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“What If” is a song inspired by that doubtful thought we all have when we want to take a step to greatness. Let’s say you want to start a business, a podcast, a YouTube channel, create a song, maybe it’s going to the gym, or telling your testimony, maybe telling your crush what you feel for them, I can go on and on!

Life is always a tussle between what you are doing and what you really want to do. Often considering that life is uncertain and because of fear of the future we do not pursue our passion. “What If”, we fail. This is what stops us from taking a step further towards our dreams, career, love, and more.

The song features a Zambian female artist Chisomo making it their second collaboration. The duo, who prior to this collaboration worked on a song titled “Would You” have teamed up to create another masterpiece titled “What If”. The song is a fusion of Dancehall and Afro beats accompanied by some influence from the Caribbean, produced by D Jonz a Zambian producer.

So here is the gist! We fear the unknown and leave the thing which often matters the most. But life is all about taking chances, because What If” you succeed.

If you don't take the risk and take the chance then later you might regret after the realization that what if you succeeded? Always try and give it a shot to pursue your dreams, your love and your passion.


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