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TRaP Maestrosposted Thu, 27 Jul, 2023

TRaP Maestros - Weapon (@trapmaestros)

AudioHip Hop/Rap

TRaP Maestros – Weapon(lyrics)


When it’s time for battle, when you don’t have any rustle

Go to Jesus cus He’s the muscle

Yeah, its TRaP


2x Because were believers we believe in Christ and becus we’ve Jesus we dun need guns to fight

Cus the bible is our weapon yeah

I say the bible is our weapon, yeah yeah


2x So, tell me what’s your weapon eeh

what’s your weapon eeh

tell me what’s your weapon eeh

what’s your weapon eeh

The bible is a weapon yeah

I say the bible is a weapon yeah yeah

Philanzy (Rap1)

I get the greatest one stronger than superman I dun need a weapon to fight

He’s been defending from day one I tell you till now nobody was able to strike

You wanna know the name the powerful gun haha is Jesus Christ

Ano dey fear cus I believe when am in the darkness He be my light

This be the powerful weapon a get

A dey assure you say He be the best

He be the best nobody else

Ebi ein per way fit cancel the curse

He never disappoints me so I recommend Him to you all my people way no dey believe Him

So, bring all your burden 7 or 11

Cus He is the passport and visa to heaven


Timmer (Rap2)

The bible is my weapon I dun need any tools

With it by my side am done living by it rules

Which guide my life and actions rejected by fools

I recommend you get one attend am like schools

Psalm 119vs105 teaches me that the word

Is a light unto my path so by it I understand

that as a believer I need to laugh over the devil’s plans

all I need is the bible by my side read it day and night

that empowers me to move on face the race of life

cus it carries all words yeah which are all fact


Richie (verse)

He is my army commander and am his soldier

And there’s no way you can put me down

To my enemies beware I always put him on my shoulder

If you try me once then you’re gonna drown

2x I use it everyday

I use it every night

It brings light to my way and I’ll never think twice

It gives me all the wisdom, the knowledge and the might

It also gives me peace and love abrenyinaaaa



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