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Daniel Nyceman posted Fri, 17 Nov, 2023

Daniel Nyceman - You Reign (@nyce1r)

AudioContemporary Gospel

Eternity God you have been so great

In you Christ Jesus I’m so graced

From nothing to something I’m so raised

Ah! I’m so raised

From the north to the south I say God you reign

All my struggles nnnor go be in vain

You are the master savior, king of glory

It’s about the time I told my story

Christ dey for us so we nnor go worry

Oh sing a song unto the king

Without you I can never do anything

Oh my God you reign you in the things I dey do




My God you reign forever in my life

I have not seen such before

Oh My God you reign ooo 2x

My God you reign 3x

Forever in my life


What do I need?

What can I see?

your love is great oh father why me?

You don’t  forget me you don’t deny me

Like Moses  you part the Red Sea

You make my life sweet

just  like Pepsi

Moving swift like we on , the jet ski


Consecrate me magnify   even when I’m weak lord energize me

Ma brab) ay3 sum so vindicate me

I know I’m not pure enti no sanitize me

Oh my God you reign in the things adey do, in the things adey see, in the things adey touch , you know, you see, you will do, you have never failed me oh God

Coz I know that you are not a man

You will never never fail me

you have never failed yet

You will never fail us


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