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RepJesusposted Mon, 30 May, 2016

Leo Owan x Cris Kester - LabaLaba (@Leo_Owan @Cris_Kesta)


The butterfly is a beautiful creature. It has a combination of beautiful amazing colors and yes, it flies. The colors of the butterfly in this song represent life; the good times, the trials and challenges, the love, the hate and most importantly God (the Most High).

The fact that the butterfly flies, represents achievements and going/achieving greater heights in life.

In essence this song describes life, dreams and aspirations using a “Laba Laba” (“butterfly” in Yoruba, a language in Nigeria). With the beautiful colors of life you can fly around the world and achieve what ever dreams you’ve got.

This is a soothing song that will definitely give you the “feels”. The voices of Cris Kester and Leo Owan are perfectly laced with an awesome beat produced by CASTOR BRIDGE popularly known as Kossi.


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