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Cris Kester posted Fri, 01 Mar, 2019

Cris Kester - Las Las (@cris_kesta)

AudioHip Hop/Rap
Urban Nigerian rapper Cris Kester is back with a self explanatory song titled Las Las. And Kester quotes: with everything we go through in life, all we need to do is pray, work hard and well, trust God, live right, be our selves and remember, that las las Everyone of us is going to be alright indeed. 

Verse 1
They said that misery loves company 
So I chose not to buy any shares so wahala no follow me
But yet them wan to borrow me 
But I tell them say I no dey like debt 
Entitlement no go follow me
Don't use another man's life to compare yours  
If you know what they go through you go love yours
If you think you get troubles somebody got  more 
Even the people we admire them self no get all
I love God I can't force him on you 
That's why he gave us free  will now  so we can  choose what to do. 
But be careful when you choosing it
Cause Sometimes life  menh is like wrapper you can be loosing it 
I use to chill with worry alot but now I'm leaving it 
My views are my views don't be confusing it 
Cause  tomorrow is just today with another face 
Procrastination is like a man with a higher craze 
Even teni self no go gree die on top your case 
Trust God trust God na only go fit relate 
And then take a pause, pray for a minute 
I'm sure God is listening if you really mean it
Las las we go dey alright x2 
All of us go dey alright
Backup voice everyone of us go dey alright x4 
Verse 2
Last last verse  2
Life is like a meal, sometimes it doesn't taste that good 
I can't complain some folks don't even have that food 
We go through stuff but yet we got to look that good 
I see them people working hard them must  Rep that hood 
Make that cash, and go buy those cars, perhaps  take that flight, and go see those  sites 
But what ever you do my people don't forget heaven 
Cause mid night is close by it's gone past eleven 
So I pray so someday you go find that joy 
You go grow into maturity you go leave those toys.
You go listen carefully so you for hear God voice 
Choose  carefully make you no go pick that noise
Cause I dey wish well 
I know you wish too 
No matter how life hot Make we dey keep that cool 
Make you  dey boil your rice dey go God go bring that stew 
Make you dey look up high the sky e go soon turn blue 
Make you take things jeje
Oya Drink plenty water if life dey show you pepper 
Money self go show for now you dey fly keke
Abi na Fruit of the womb I pray for you 
I pray for you 
Las las we go dey alright x2 
All of us go dey alright
Backup voice everyone of us go dey alright x4


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