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RepJesusposted an audio, Wed, 25 Sep, 2013

@MichaelBerean - High Art

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This is the title track from Michael Berean's upcoming debut EP, High Art, coming this October. Lyrics and explanation: Artist: Michael Berean (@Michael_Berean) Producer: Timothy Wynn Lyrics: Staring at this blank canvas I swear I never would have planned this It's High Art, get ready for the cannabis I'm trying to paint you something never seen - Atlantis I guess I'm breaking out the water colors Living Water in my brush with Mario Brothers Red & green , He spilled His blood upon a tree And now I'm kinda color blind, the 25th is all I see New sight when He took my sins to the squeegee and since I got a new life I'm standing tall like Luigi Before the king you will bow sir (Bowser), believe me And knowing He's my father got me feeling so Peachy All for His glory, it doesn't matter what the medium The great I AM, there is no exceeding Him The greatest treasure, you won't find it on Elysium I hope you see the light, I'm releasing the magnesium I'm trying to make my van go (van gogh), but they like Don't start Cause it revolves around the King, this is moats art (Mozart) A beautiful tragedy, like Noah's Ark So when the floods come in I hope your boat starts Deaf ear to the truth, like Picasso baby You'll only capture the pain, like Khalo baby The only thing on my brain has been "mahalo" lately 'Cause I can't get past the fact that Jesus saved me The highest artist there will ever be All creation display case of His majesty Brings light to the stars and paints the galaxies Just a taste of His glory, call it a Master piece (masterpiece)


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