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Bodilessposted Fri, 05 Jun, 2020

Bodiless - Immortal Vibes ft PO Godson (@bodiless.rje)

AudioHip Hop/Rap

Another one from the camp of RepJesus Entertainment, Bodiless drops this hard hitting track titled Immortal Vibes. Featuring fellow label mate, PO Godson, this joint is an empowering track that uplifts and encourages believers to not allow any obstacle to get in their way.

Enjoy it, Download it, Share it.


Mestarte na mey3 wiase ndwom no na amanfo supporte me dread chale na w)ka moho
(I had a lot of support when I was doing worldly music)
But mesesae na mey3 Nyame ndwom no obiara etwa me ab) nso still mara )mfa moho
(But when I lost all the support when I switched to doing gospel music and I don't care)
Cus Nyankopon no a )fr3 me no, 
out of the darkness )fr3 de me baa han no
(Cause the God who called me out of the darkness to the light)
Wahy3 me b) d3 papa mu o b)ne mu o )ka moho
(Has promised to never leave me regardless)
N’adom na ne nhyira no obowei ne nyinaa egu modo, Ma webu modo
(He’s going to bless me abundantly)
ntsi maato mobo retw3n
(So I’m patiently waiting)
Ndwom no divine vim na mede tow
(And I’m charged up the more to sing about him)
Mese Yesu Christo na maagye no edi no 
M’ebusuafo twa me b) mpo a still )noa na meka no do
(Even if my whole family denounce me because of Jesus Christ, I will still follow Him)
Cus w’apromise d3 )botow nebo ahyehy3 me
(Because He’s promised to take care of me)
meyew a )b3hwehw3 me. 
(He’ll come find me when I’m lost)
Bodiless memp3 iyi na mep3 abade
(Bodiless there’s no better offer than this)
Wiase no nne ade papa bi ma me 
(The world has nothing better to offer me)
Ntsi na maafa moho adwen d3 mede me talent b3som me nyame
(So I’ve decided to serve God with my talent)
Ntsi ma 3b3y3 no y3, ma 3b3ka no ka
(So say and do whatever u want)
Ame mehwehw3 nkwagye ama me kra
(Salvation for my soul is what I seek)
Ntsi na maafa Yesu nd3 menntw3n )kyena
(That’s why I have accepted Jesus today)
Cus Yesu Christo p3 na obotum agye me nkwa
(Because only He can save me)
Oh no we ain't going back they know
So our hands up all the praises going up
Oooee oooe ooooe ooee
Yafa Yesu Christo ntsi y3san yakyi biom //2x
(We've got Jesus Christ now so we ain't going back)
Verse 2
Ntsi sisia mpo de ma w)p3 no wonka
(Right now u can go ahead and say what you want)
S3 )nny3 about Yesu Christo dea na )y3 Nonfa
(If it ain't about Jesus Christ, then it’s unnecessary)
Cus N’adehye mogya no na obohwei gui de pepaa meb)ne nyinaa ma maab3y3 divine ajebutter
(Because He (Jesus) shed His royal blood to cleanse me from my sins for me to attain a divine royal status)
Ntsi Yesu nenkwagyes3m no m3ka
(So I’m gon tell the world about the gospel of Jesus)
M3ka no anapa dekosi d3 ade b3 sa
(Will proclaim it from morning to evening)
Menngyae ka, m3ka k)pem d3 obiara b3tse menka na ma onnyim no ebisa d3 ah, na Yesu no )nye hwana?
(Ain’t gonna relent, will continue proclaiming the gospel of Jesus till I’m asked who is this Jesus?)
Na maatow mobo akyer3 no d3 )y3 Nyame neba
(and will gladly explain that He’s the son of God)
)bremp)n bia N’ahendi nodo rentwa da
(A King with endless kingdom)
Ahyase ne Ewieye no )y3 Alpha n Omega
(He is the beginning and the end)
Ntsi presonally I dey call am no size getter
(So personally I call him No Size Getter)
)nam nodo na w)b)) wiase numu ade biara 
(All things were created through Him)
nso ogyae n’ahendi h) b3tsena wiase tsed3 nipa 
(But He left His divine throne to live among us as human)
Ame na awo h3n b)ne ntsi )no a)nny3 b)ne da
(Cause of our sins, He who knew no sin)
W)kye no tsed3 owifo na w)bro no basabasa
(Was arrested like a thief and beaten endlessly)
But wenncomplain wannkasa
(But He never complained)
W)y3 no ayakayakade naaso wannbother
(He was tortured but remained silent)
W)b) no asendua’m woku no yayaaya
(He was crucified and died a painful death)
Naaso )s)r fi ewufum on da third day HALLELUJAH 
(But He ressurected on the third day, HALLELUJAH)
Dying for me was the most He could do
And Living for Him is the least i can do
No matter what u do breda y3 nt3m bra na Yesu Christo b3y3 wo awaawaa etuu
(Irrespective of your sins, Jesus is ready to welcome you with open arms) //2x


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