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Happiness Okeke Jeremiah, aka Emily is from Enugu State, Nigeria.
She's had a passion for music ever since when she was little. She always wanted to lead assemblies and fellowship in school or wherever she found herself.
She joined a musical group in the year 2018 so as to improve herself. Then she released a hit track titled 'Soldiers' in 2019 which happened to be a RAP song. Ever since then, she has been attending concerts and watching other people closely during ministration. She's doing very well and has attracted her fans with her so many qualities.
Now Emily has come up with another hit track tittled ZUMUNTA (FELLOWSHIP).
About the song
Zumunta meaning FELLOWSHIP, is a song stating the wonderful works of God and his unending love for mankind.
His Graces and his Amazing Love towards his creation. All of these makes me hunger for him the more and make me want to fellowship with Him in all times


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