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DJ JaySmoke (RJE)posted an audio, Fri, 29 Jan, 2021

DJ JaySmoke - The Introduction 2021 Cypha (@jaysmoke.rje)

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The Introduction 2021 is finally here. Featuring 7 of Ghana's promising Urban Gospel Ministers, the Cypha is packed with lots of punchlines, spirit-filled rhymes and thought-provoking verses that's sure to captivate any listener.

The second in the series, it's been approx 4 years since we shot the first one featuring Edem Evangelists, Berean, Bodiless, Lil Krah, Joe Kay, The Township, Kobby Salm and Atakora. And after a long haitus, 4 years to be precise, we have our final 7. Kingmade, PO Godson, Kofi Option, JoChurch, Wuddah, Tephlon and Je-Bwoy bringing in that new school type flow which will get you turnt up for the King.

Produced by Made Musiq and powered by RepJesus Entertainment. Download the track, Share, Comment. Be Blessed.


3ny3 m'ahuoden ibe Jehovah dey put me on top nanso still a me w) form (f)m) Dope Rapper filled with the Holy Ghost and I'm repping Jesus, i'm a unicorn. Me b)ne bebrebe no tse me fri wo nky3n nanso I'm back like a homing pigeon. Nti sesei b33bi a m3 k) bia no mesh3 the full armour of God. That's true religion.. Early in the morning when I wake up me de mpaebo no gyena mu na metiem till I level up. Nti otanfo no to me su sa a p3 me de3 me nim ne3 ma gye n'edi nti me de vhim na be pull up. This time around we go do the most. Nyame adaworoma eno be boast. Cos eno be anybody wey go fit dey do this, I'm working with the power of the Holy ghost.

PO Godson
Peace be still to the wavy flows Nyame te boat no mu ano dey fear Going all day we be wining souls No off days hell sef be kweer Hw i see it Yesu is de One Lyk to go eagle with the view Try nd gt sum vision if u can Pray the Holy Ghost hlp you see the truth Voice of new school Style bia m3 droppi bia dey aint used to Me ne geng geng pull up in the streets 3y3 Yesu Christo to the yoouuth Dey Be like Ooooouuu you too cool Glory glory to the Most High Wings wont flop Still boy ne y3 so fly.

Kofi Option
I no be the fastest I no be the dopest But I be the Jesus rapper Carrying my cross on ma shoulders chasing the souls you fit call me the hunter Me hy3 ase aky3r ny3 nd3 mendzi agor Nsem no ma boano d3 hamper Mele b3 kyeky3 ama obiaa nti si abotar na maa me nyi efo Santa... First na boys no le su The labourers be few but the harvest be plenty Cos na trend be new nkrofo ntease boys a w)y33 b3y3 twenty Nanso nd3 boys abudo paul duae Apollos nso agudo Ntruth preachers, Lilzig fo no Nd3 boys adooso nsem no nso nfono God Dey bless we overdose Ei who say God no dey? Boys ahustle firi tete afei e be now we the hustle go Dey pay.

Hallelujaaaaaaaaaaaah!!...yeah! Lil did I know sɛ m'abrabɔ a merebɔ no small post Nyame afa no World Cup W'ehwie ne dɔba ne mogya na ɔde agye me nkwa say make I go win more come Urban Gospel be a legacy wey go outlive us, yeah yenndi nkugu To the pioneers, Nyame nkyekyere ne nhyira nfa soa mo sɛ Mama Zimbi duku So we're keeping it gospel to death Christ Fanatic, me yɛ Yehowa witness Showing the map to the cross to the souls that are lost I be Calvary's GPS We be dem boys you don't wonna mess with From a pedigree of a Heavenly cloud list Churchy melody, Beanie on like a priest You go fit call me Jo Coptic Halleluyah!!!

Rapomedy! Wuddaaaaaah! Moa mosee I came from the gym so you think say I bore, gÉ”b3! shoutouts to y’all Je m'appelle Rapomedy with the word play but I no dey play with The Word nah at all at all So wahala for person wey no get Christ 3nde3 w’abÉ” loss oo ludu dice Y3see wo hoÉ” f3 aa y3n nhw3 wo naase nti Nyame te menim make I show them where power lies The heat wey dey come mo ay3 krado? I get the keys in my hand, me wÉ” krado Steiner for the Lord now not for the crowd oo You get the money but what’s up with your kra though? Boi33! Looking at me now ebia menne bao God for ma side I dey win every bout Ahene mo hene ba nti menne hao Atanfo me kyeakyea mo oo nii hao.

I been bitten once, twice I ain't gonna mess with it. Laying UP my treasures in heaven, money ain't the ROOT of my confidence, we all MINISTERS. But tell me how we gon serve when the love of fame becomes PRESIDENT. And the only thing left in the heart is hate, you can't evict the EVIL its a RESIDENT ... We nodey SERVE WONNA SELVES forget the BUFFET. Life through a new LENSE, I don't cry over SHADES. LEFTEE paa, but anodey struggle to do RIGHT, easy how I move through the game Nti medi menyankopon ne ho adanse3 Efri mm)fra 3k) a 3k) sa mmrante3 ho. Everyone dey chase the GREEN, the only TREE we see be the CRUCIFIX. I'm tryna make the world believe what I believe. FELONIES that I commit that he forgives. Supposed to be behind BARS, reason 16 of em ain't enough to preach the King. GANG

3ny3 yenehonam mogya o The battle is always spiritual Eny3 physical enti onua wosori anopa a Fawaseda ma wonyame na wayebi En3 Menso mesebi Nana masedani Mafode3 na as)wani gyewayeyie Yeah!!! Mey3 Fire Montumi quenchi me fire Semefa Okada kraa still meka nsempa no De3n na mob3kyer3 Mey3 HolyGhost branded Wone whan to agyidifo) asoremu Christ no )te memu Anointing no gumemu Mutu a na ma tiemu Nyame As3m te memu Woto tuo agye agu Onyae me Okame dabiaa Naadom no nti mensuro obiaa Oy3 Boss Na meyenden na ma floppy Y3 force Y3pushi to the heavenlys We made it.



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