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Wuddahposted Fri, 05 Mar, 2021

Rap Pills Cypher - Doze #4 (@wuddwek)

AudioHip Hop/Rap

Here you go. The much awaited, Rap Pills Cypher Doze #4.

The fourth of it's kind features four (4) of Ghana's dopest Female MCees in the Urban Gospel fraternity: Lady Vonn, Terley, Queen Miracle One, Golda and Some_anther.

Produced and powered by Wuddwek Studios.

Listen, download, comment and share.





I got my lights on

Yeah I'm in the bright zone.

Shining when it's pitch-black

Like streetlights

Hommie you can tell when your right's wrong


No my life ain't wrapped round the denim

Or the Nike shoes or Gucci --  unfulfilling

Like I know if I have all the bling bling

and I'm off the white but no Christ, I'm foolish

Like a rich man stored riches

Said, 'for a long time, no tilling'

Blew trumpets to the whole world

No thanks to God

At day break, his soul was gone!

You got the message wrong if you're thinking,

'Lady VoNN said no Fendi' oh really?

Ain't nothing wrong with having it. Go get it.

Is it for identity? it better be Christ.

Here in this century,

There's a lotta kinds of chicanery

We're easily swayed cos we're compromising

The focus is shift' a lotta us is sleeping

Though life's not fair, God's given us hope -- our leverage

We survive to thrive in situations.

We never stop loving, Give thanks we're serving

And we gonna stay woke till the day of merging

I won't brag about temporary loans

cos I know there's much more I own in the Savior

Got God on my phone, one call 'n I'm home

Aye mehn, I'll never be a failure

Me and the team stay clean

We don't do this for the likes

Stay woke on the mic with this light

And I stand for Christ all the time when I rhyme

And you can be sure that we gon' be alright!



I’m filled with the Holy Ghost

And I’m on a full doze...

Me and God are so close!

Here is the truth...

Nothing is greater and better than our God!

So No need for the paper..

I got the maker..

Ain’t got nothing to lose

My future is brighter

And I get better

Ooh I’m enjoying my cruise...

Lemme break it down!

New breed

Set free

In and out of season

Living like I ain’t got no reason to stress

Cause... I’ve come into His rest

I’m just simply God’s best

And He’s loving you first

So listen up and open up for the love you deserve

Life so straight no curve

Flying colors passing all my tests

Yeah for the love we serve

Everything good is all that we deserve

Vision gets clearer when you find yourself in him

You ‘on need no guide from man He’s your compass,

in Him you live, ay!

So we don’t fold,

we keep it winning on the narrow road

We be kinging here and every zone

Yeah we never never walk alone

Pilgrims with no load

Like Fire in our bones

So lit; never cold

Blessings unfold always ..


Queen Miracle One

Jesus it's your own

Can’t do this on my own

I called on your name, you came to my aid

You paid all the dept that I owe

I took a vacation to Brooklyn

gave sin a chance and he broke in

Took all the love but Christ gave it back

Yer! Just when my heart was broken

You blaspheme against the Holy Ghost?

You don’t care where your soul goes?

Think you got life figured like body goals?

But when you fall dead, think of where your body goes.

Ei this world na so so hide and seek

Ay3tibagy3 it’s not a trick

If you want do good them go call you freak

Rap pills, na the obonga wey we need.

Never gonna panic

though I’m asthmatic

Speeding like sonic

Christ is beside me

Vision kinda blurry

Feeling kinda weary

Girls know I’m killing it

Pills got me steady

Of this mess, my weakness

I rest in the storm even in this stress

On this test, failure or success

Praise you regardless Yo! Yo!

You’re the Most High Most High

Standards so high so high

Feeling we’re soul ties soul ties

Still wanna be on your side your side God

To my past good bye good bye

Done with the fake vibe fake vibe

Preaching the word at all times

Aiming for the crown at the top

target on the Lord’s eye Lord’s eye



Golda dropping yieyie

Bashing the beat like my birthday

We dropping facts not hear says

Daughter of the king I am the bebe 

Of the one who rules on the throne

King of the earth and he rules all alone

To talk to him I don't need any phone

Even if I am Chinese Anglo or Francophone

Good girl when I drop it's the baddest

Killer moves when I am moving in silence

We Royal call me your highness

Tryna to stop me? Diagnosed with madness...

Where is your manners ?

Zero tolerance for negatives 

Only spend time and my energy on positives

you are with me? you are my relative

Primitive humans won't get the initiative

Beast on the track Queen Kong

Stylish Drip Drop

timeless tik tok

simple flip flop

Mɛ ko nyɛ ɖzi kataa na Yehowa 

N'ɛ zam 

Y'enyɛ Aba Faɖa

Amɛdɛkɛ me li nam oo

Y'enyɛ Provida

M'a du wɔ Agbadza

Well  I am the only Man repping this cypher 

try not to think it cos you can't decipher

you got the balls? I'm gonna lock in bars

turn from a rebel to a lifer

You see me and's a convenant thing 

he dey gimme the song make I sing

e dey bee so I sting 

so I am killing these giants with five stones and a sling





I came with the heat

Came with the remedy

Pardon my energy

Ah ou

I’m not what you see

I am a Goddess  was made in his image...

and I  represent the most high

At my place at the neck like a bow tie

Oh, You better than me that’s a damn lie

Come against me ? Why would you try?

Damn it that is suicide ..

Cos my faith strong

You ,you unbelievers still wrong

No gimmicks but you know I got the game on

He died and woke ...I  live long

Imma do this till the day that my breathe gone

One life but you know I was twice born

And I stay fly like I’m air born

On God how you think I got the swag on

I am Samantha not just some anther

the anther that maketh the flower blossom

I’m awesome I’m God’s own

Come get some

Of this greatness

Bear witness

I run from sin to forgiveness

If it ain't God, not my business


Can't afford to be reckless

Yeah Yeah

And they had to put me on

Rap Pills I flow with the cure

When I get the mic they be asking for more...

See a circle when they clap

That's a round of applause

Click click bang bang

That's a shoot out

Low key but the flow gotta stand out

How many bars left?

I ran out

Eyo Steve...shaddout


This is a hot cypher! Our ladies got some bars, man!
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