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RepJesusposted a blog, Sat, 22 Feb, 2014

Prayer from a fan (Maggie)

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This was a huge inspiration to us and we would like to share it with yall, hope it blesses you as much as it did us. It's a letter from a fan somewhere on this planet who chanced upon our website and sent us these words. Enjoy.

I stumbled across your site after typing in google search these words "christians who do not listen to secular music, watch tv, movies.." I am a young 47 year old woman and live in Portland Oregon and wonder sometimes if I am the only person who feels as convicted as I do in any participation i involve myself in with all the immediate access to entertainment.

I constantly sense the Holy spirit prompting me to be wise in what i spend money on, how i spend my time and what i allow myself to be entertained by. At one time i assisted with christian programs like ywam, bible college, christian challeng, believers armor, prep, young life, etc.. which brought the gospel to the streets of hollywood ca, florida, mexico and here in portland where i live.

The Lord has a very exciting life set up for me. He allows me to reconnect with troubled youth i knew over 20 years ago who have gone on to live as nfl professionals or as drug addicts, convicts, rape victims, mothers, gays, etc.. but when they see me again we cry and they see Jesus in me. They are reminded of the seeds that were planted and call me their guardian angle. My heart is full, sad, hopeful, painful, burdened, disparaged, ashamed of my present apathy at times, but never regretful that I invested in their lives. In due time we shall reap what we sew. I cried tears when I saw what you are doing and how you are putting it out there to the world that Jesus Christ has got to be on the throne of your life or you will lose out on what He has planned for you.

Cut out the sin, identify where the sin leeks into your life and rid yourself of it. Find better options and live a full and fruitful life! And so, this is a section of my journal I wrote this morning which I edited a tiny bit in order that it specifically be directed to you. Who ever you are, I bless your work in the name of Jesus Christ and pray that one day we meet in heaven and see the souls which Christ drew into His kingdom as a result of our part in obeying Him and submitting our lives to His authority. 

"The entertainment industry is laced with brain washing filth. I am ashamed of my justification to even watch it. I go to great lengths to choose wisely but end up watching scenes with adultery, drugs and terrible sins being committed. I am afraid of what TV and movies and secular music is capable of doing to change me. I do not want to sway from the path the Lord has chosen for me.

I often cry with my heart, "Please Lord, save me, come to my home and make your home there. Guide me in my desire to purge my life of anything which represents sin. I want others to discover eternal life through You and yet how can I when they can not identify anything desirable about salvation through my example. Father, I have time left, and in the years to come I want to get out of the way and allow You to work through my obedience and surrender to You. Father You are offering eternal life and an escape from Hell. Once before the judgment seat a soul has only one direction to go for an eternity. Going to Hell and being a tortured soul for an eternity should not be where I want any one of my acquaintances, friends or family members to go. I am not working hard enough to prevent this Lord, and yet it is constantly on my mind. Being over whelmed with the resistance out there is just an excuse. You only ask me to obey, pray, and you do the work. Whether or not I see the fruit of my efforts should not matter to me. Another person down the line may see the fruit and I rejoice with them in advance if that be the case! If I were truly humble I would pray regularly for each person I know to come to know You as Lord and Savior of their lives. I must stop saying to myself that I am not organized or disciplined enough. Forget my hangups and how I label myself. You are able to repaint my habits, traits and image of myself as I submit to you Lord! Please Father change me and bring me to my knees every morning and every night praying and seeking that Your mighty hand work miracles to bring opportunities to those who have lost their way. Father, You are able to do far more than I can imagine and I pray desperately for Your help. In Jesus' name...AMEN"


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