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DJ JaySmoke (RJE)posted Wed, 16 Jun, 2021

How to find Mr/Mrs Right the Godly way


We live in a world whereby it's normal to meet a girl one day and ask them to be your partner the next, without any knowledge of who she is or if you two are truly compatible, we simply share a few moments with them, like the vibe and we quickly move to dating. Let me boldly state that, that method, no matter how many have been successful at it, is flawed in so many ways and I believe it isn't the Godly way or safest way to find your life partner.

God has a perfect man/woman for you and until you find that person, you should not date. God didn't intend for us to be jumping from one partner to the other, sometimes making serious commitments, investments in hopes that they are the right one. God knows the plans He has for you and until you meet Mr/Mrs right and you feel he/she is the right one, do not date. I always say the best place to find your life partner is in college/university or any tertiary institution. And I always thought I'd find my better half there, unfortunately I couldn't go to college so I never got to experience that life. But the reason why I say tertiary institution is because you have a great chance of meeting lots of different marriage potential people WITHOUT dating them there, a chance to study those closest to you and finally settle for one. There's no need to rush and say yes to anyone, you have 4 years to make as many friends as you can and then sift through all of these friends, discover the ones who connect with you, the ones who irk you, the ones who really understand you etc. By being friends you get to engage in alot of activities without any strings attached and you don't have to commit to anyone until you are very sure.

But when you are certain he/she is the one, because you have taking your time to know them by being friends, then you can propose marriage NOT dating, after-all what else will you be doing dating, that you already haven't done as friends. If you haven't done it as friends then you are not ready to move to the next phase. NB. There shouldn't be anything that you can do in a worldly dating scenario, that you can't to do as friends. 

Once you have asked her hand in marriage, and she says yes, you two begin the process called courting. You can refer to this as the Christian dating. This is for you two to learn the pros and cons of marriage and find out some useful information that will help you with your life long commitment to each other. Unlike worldly dating, this isn't the time to find faults with each other and dissolve the union but to bond even more in preparation for the wedding. After courting is complete, marriage is done and the two become one. 

Girls, from me to yourself lots of heartaches and pain and wait for Mr Right. A lot of mishaps wouldn't have occurred if girls chose to not date every single guy who showed a little interest, but chose to start off by being friends. A lot of mishaps wouldn't have occurred if boys exercises patience by not asking every beautiful girl out on a date immediately, but chose to become friends first, to see where that would lead, and if after awhile, the friendship blossoms or not, then you will be a better place to make the right decision. 

Shalom 🙏🏾

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I concur, Friendship is everything. Frendship without any strings attached may seem to involve a lot of time but it's worth it. It's safer to always seek God first, think clear, work with respect and everything will fall in place. Don't rush because you have a crush. Butterflies don't always stay put, they fly away with time.
You got that right Eraa 😊 Thanks for commenting. - DJ JaySmoke (RJE)
Yes, deffinitly wise to be friends and to not go into a romantic dating time, before you arent at least "somehow ready to think of marrying". Also, its very easy to ask God about it from the very beginning, as soon as you find simpathy in someone. Schools and Bibleschools are very good places to get to know someone as friends yeah, or different regular smallgroups from church as well. etc etc...
True. Thank you for the comment Manny 😊 - DJ JaySmoke (RJE)
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