DJ JaySmoke (RJE)posted Wed, 22 Sep, 2021

DJ JaySmoke prepares to drop Gospel Drill Compilation (@jaysmoke)


A group of young black men stand in front of a rapt crowd and begin to perform. They’re dressed in the uniform of balaclavas and hoodies favoured by drill artist. “God’s word is vital,” begins one of their catchy, explosive raps. This is gospel drill and its performers are called Hope Dealers and the year is 2018.

Fast Forward to 2021 and Gospel Drill has grown massively and embraced by Christian youth the world over. From the UK, to United States, to Ghana, Nigeria and Southern Africa, Gospel Drill artists are fast gaining ground in the Hip-hop community. 

Having been at the forefront of Urban Gospel in Ghana, there was no question that it was only a matter of time before DJ JaySmoke dropped a drill compilation. 

Popularly known for dropping the freshest Urban Gospel compilations including his most recent, Holy Jam Session 2020 and Holy Ghost Jams 2019 and others, Gospel Drillin' Vol 1 is no different. Featuring some of the top notch drill tracks, Gospel Drill Vol 1 will be power packed and engaging. 

Now is your chance to be included! Do you have a Drill Track or know one that you'll like to have featured on the mix, drop it now in the comment section and expect the drop.


Sauce - Bigsense
We gon be alright - The Flyboy
Joy to the World by Revival (Born King Album)
Yesu Ba, Wise Koffi ft P. O GODSON & KINGMADE
Joey Sarf_Bars
Nice! What Drill track pls? - DJ JaySmoke (RJE)
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