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DJ JaySmoke (RJE)posted Thu, 01 Sep, 2022

Patience is not passivity. Waiting is a time for preparation. (@jaysmoke)


Whilst you wait on the Lord, what are you doing in preparation?! In James 5:8, we are told to prepare our hearts for the coming of the Lord.

And in verse 7, we are told about the farmer. The farmer doesn't go to sleep after sowing but gets up daily to water, fertilizes, weed etc in preparation for the harvest.

Equally, if you are expecting from God, don't go to sleep but work on yourself, on what you are expecting so that you will be ready when that prayer is answered and not found wanting.

You want a job, are you ready to wake up early and commute to work daily? Are you ready to tolerate co-workers?

You want to marry, are you prepared to stop your intimate friendships with others?! Are you ready to put the needs of your spouse before yours?

You want breakthrough in your health, are you ready to stop eating junk? Are you ready to take better care of your body?! 

There's always something we need to do to prepare us for that breakthrough so that we don't screw it up when it comes. Find out what yours is and do it.

Shalom. 🙏🏾


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