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RepJesusposted a blog, Mon, 01 Jul, 2024

Reach more with post re-rep.

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One of the difficult things about social media is finding content to post. And especially on a platform that is categorized such as RepJesus, you can't just upload anything and call it done. 

That's why we introduced this new feature we call 're-rep post'. For some of us, liking a post alone isn't enough, we want to share it with our friends. Now with this feature, you can re-rep any post you like and it will be shared to your timeline. The next time your friends login, they will see what you repped as if it where your own post. They can then interact with that post how they would do any normal post.

Why would you want to use this feature?

  1. Well like we said, you might have seen a post you like and want your friends to also check it out. So you re-rep the post and they get to see it next time they login.
  2. If you are promoting a particular post, it's not enough to simply post the product and goto bed. Sometimes you want to reactivate this post. By re-reppin' it, you can do just that over and over again.
  3. Sometimes you have some very old posts and you wish to share with your new fans. Instead of posting it again, you can dig deep into your timeline, find the post and re-rep it. When you do, it's bounced to the top of your timeline without needing to recreate the original post again.

These are some of the reasons you'd want to use this feature and we think it will be a very useful tool. So start reposting today ;)

God Bless.



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