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Prophetic Wordposted a blog, Mon, 08 Jul, 2024

Regarding Tithing

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“…For thus declares The Lord: No prophet or man of God, of whom I have chosen and sent, shall by any means receive payment for his services, nor shall he accept a gift; no man shall profit from My Word! Freely he has received, freely he shall give. Nor shall he allow any form of praise or glory to be added to his account; rather, he shall correct them sharply. I AM THE LORD. 
Thus all you teachers, pastors, preachers, ministers and priests, who receive tithes and welcome praise from the people, shall be held accountable; behold, it shall be required of you in the Day. Shall you take profit for that which I have offered as a free gift? Shall you raise yourselves up by false glory, and abuse My Word for selfish gain? Yes, there is indeed profit in it, according to the wealth of grace and salvation which abounds in love, granting an abundance of eternal wealth, which is life in My presence and My joy forevermore, for all those who receive My Word and also walk in it. Yet those who use My Word to profit by monetary means shall be cast out and shall remain in the valley, walking through thick darkness until death comes to claim them, says The Lord.

Excerpt From:,_and_to_All_Their_Self-Appointed_Apostles,_Prophets_and_Preachers

-Regarding Tithing

-God Speaks Regarding Those Who Steal From Him



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