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RepJesusposted Sun, 30 Dec, 2012

Ken Ken 'My dream is my reality' album 2013

Born on April 25th Kenneth Turner was given the name Ken Ken by his lovely mother Brenda Turner, who played a dual role of mother and father to him. As a single mother she always provided and made sure that Ken Ken had what he needed and much more. Growing up in Denton, TX located north of the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex, Ken Ken was a normal teenager dealing with temptations of women, crime, gangs which plagues most teenagers in major cities. Ken’s life was full of trial and error but through it all God always saw him through to the end. Ken reveals some of his most intimate moments and trials in his music and through it all talks about how God brought him through. At one time Ken and his mother were homeless for a year due to his mother being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis and having no income, they lived in their car as an only child their bond became stronger. Ken’s mother encouraged him to play basketball since the age of five and even went on to play at the college level for Southern Nazarene University in Bethany Oklahoma. During his collegiate career Ken sustained an injury to his knee. While recovering God told Ken if he stopped basketball he would bless him with another talent in music with Christian rap. Ken Ken is now attending West Texas A&M where he is studying business and in between studying for midterm and finals he found time to open up for the legendary John P. Kee and has scheduled dates for various cities in 2013. Ken has also created music for radio show Gospel Praise Radio in Lubbock, TX and Kingdom Wear Productions in Las Vegas, NV. Ken Ken’s music can be heard on radio stations from three continents U.S, Australia, and Ghana and worldwide online. Ken Ken has collaborated with artists from Accra, Ghana The Preachers and working on international projects with artists from Canada, the UK, and Australia. Ken Ken’s Good Musik is more than music it’s his testimony and ministry through music pushing Christ as the only way to salvation. Ken Ken is not just creating music for the youth he is working with at risk youth helping them with their school work and being a mentor to young people like his mentors were to him. For more information of upcoming events for Ken Ken, supporters should join his Facebook page at and follow him at and YouTube


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