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RepJesus Entertainmentposted Fri, 02 Oct, 2015

#SOTK 3 Coverart unveiled (@JaySmoke)


The official coverart for SOTK 3 has been unvieled amongst many controversies. The coverart which was designed by JMDesigns, features a crowned skull, a picture of gold coins, cityscape and a scripture verse taken from Luke 4:7 which records the moment Lucifer tempted Jesus Christ.

There's been many questions regarding the inclusion of a Skull and we got in touch with JaySmoke to find out why. The concept behind the artwork is pretty simple. We are living in a world where everyone is a slave to one of two masters i.e. Satan and Jesus. The believers are slaves to the King which makes Jesus their King and the unbelievers are slaves to the ruler of this world, Lucifer, which makes the Devil their king. The skull rightfully depicts Lucifer, Devil, Satan as king. The question is king over who? Obviously not Christians but king of the unbelievers who chase after money, fame, power and everything evil. The design really is not about Christians so Christians shouldn't read any meaning into it. In total, I feel the design embodies the theme for the upcoming song. I feel we should talk about the king of this world and how many are unknowingly slaves to him even if we don't acknowledge his authority. And then how we can move from being slaves to the devil to being sons of the King says JaySmoke.

Whether the explanation justifies the design, we can't say but what we can say is that, this will be the third installment in the project and it will feature 6 urban gospel artists from Ghana selected by the fans. The tune wiill be released right here in the month of October. We surely can't wait to hear this one. 

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