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Kobs ABKposted Sun, 21 Feb, 2016

POLL: Should Christians use curse words? Andy Mineo ask


Like the name of his last album, Andy Mineo never has a problem bringing up "uncomfortable" topics. In a recent twitter discussion, the rapper posed a question that had some of his Christian brothers and sisters up in arms.

"Do you guys really think if a person uses 'profanity' (words we've given meaning) in their music they couldn't possibly be Christian? Why?" the Reach Records emcee asked on Twitter.

The question immediately ignited a heated debate, where Mineo and many of his Twitter followers went back and forth on the matter.

User Osasere pointed the rapper toward scripture stating, "Well 'blessings and curses come from the same mouth, this shouldn't be.'" To which Mineo replied, "What are 'curses' in that text? The words in our culture we deem 'curses'? His cultural words? Or actual CURSES?"

Another user asked, "Why do you think it would be ok for set apart people to use words which don't reflect our supposedly set apart nature?" Mineo, now fully engaged with his online audience responded, "Your making being 'set apart' synonymous with not using certain words. Who told u that was what it meant to be set apart?"

The intense exchange continued as a determined Mineo would not let up on the topic. He has often posed questions to his followers to make them think differently on controversial topics. The question could have possibly come about because Grammy Award winning rapper Kanye West released his latest album, The Life of Pablo, which he pegs as "Gospel album." People in the Christian community, however, have greatly criticized it because it's laced with curses.

After some more dialogue Mineo wrote, "Sad that so many Christians criticize other people on their faith journey. We don't leave space 4 them 2 be journeying. They're either IN or OUT."

Twitter user Seth had the most interaction with the rapper. He posed a question back to the New York lyricist and used pastors cursing from the pulpit as an example. "Well the tongue is 'full of poison'. Let me ask this, if a preacher uses profanity on the stage what would that look like?" he asked. Mineo snapped back, "Would depend on the context he used it in. The words in and of themselves are not evil but their intentions can be."

Seth persisted asking Mineo how intentions could be good when the meaning of profanity is not good, but the rapper insisted people are the ones who deemed certain words profane. As the one-on-one exchange progressed, the user quoted from Proverbs, which states that death and life are in the power of the tongue.

Mineo, seemingly worked up, told Seth and another user who also quoted scripture to him, that their "idea of Christianity is black and white. One day you'll understand there is grey & it's ok," he tweeted.

Mineo went as far as to illustrate a scenario. "If I say 'GREAT F#%*ING JOB!' Out of joyful heart because my boy graduated or if I say 'good job' with a jealous/hateful heart-which is pure before God?" he inquired.

Mineo maintained that he was not being understood until one particular user stated that Mineo really makes life interesting by making people think with his questions.

The twitter responses were endless and eventually Mineo sourced an article to help his argument. The article is titled, "On F Bombs and Christian Music: A Reflection on P.O.D.'s Newest Album, Murdered Love."

To view more of Mineo's twitter debate check him out on twitter @andymineo.

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