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RepJesusposted Fri, 15 Jul, 2016

One on One with Kingzkid


In an interview with the "i got my Jesus on" urban gospel artist Kingzkid. Kingzkid shares his experiences growing up in the urban gospel industry, his challenges; which I bet you will want to know and the people he derives his inspiration from.

Kingzkid also the CEO of Gifted Music Records, one of the biggest independent Gospel Music record labels in Africa to which he is signed and is also the CEO “AMPLIFIED ".

He is considered a pioneer of Urban Gospel Music in Africa and was the first Ghanaian to introduce gospel music through different genres, such as Azonto, Pop and Electro Gospel Music.

He is an award winning artist who shared stages with famous musicians such as Mali Music, Lionel Petersen, Micah Stampley, No Tribe, Danny Nettey, Joe Mettle, Cwesi Oteng and many more.

From his entertaining and creative music videos and songs, the Christian music world loves more of Kingzkid’s talents and testimony.


D: Welcome Kingzkid to RepJesus Entertainment.

K: Thank you… (smiling)

D: I bet your real name isn't Kingzkid, Will Kingzkid kindly tell us his full name.

 K: Emmanuel Essuman-Mensah King

 D: Where do you hail from?

 K: Elmina in the Central region

 D: Can you tell us briefly about yourself?

K: I'm a full time minister of the gospel and an international music recording artiste. I love music, music is everything to me. Aside God I put music above everything else.

You know some people give details of how they were called, some through dreams, others in various forms. Was your calling into music a calling from God or was a decision you took?

At the age of 12, I received a prophecy about doing music. This was confirmed by 10 other prophets as the years went by. I held on to that prophesy because I believe in the power of prophesy and God’s ability to fulfill every word he speaks. Like God said, He will not do any new thing without revealing to His prophets. I believed God's word concerning my life. This is how far He has brought me.

D: How long have you been in the urban music ministry?

K: This would be my 6th year.

D: Any experiences so far. Any interesting, sad, intriguing stories you would love to share with us during any of your ministrations.

K: In the beginning it was quiet rough, people didn’t really know what I was about or what urban gospel was about, it took some time for them to accept it. In the beginning you will have people looking at you with cynical eyes like “is this guy serious, is he sure he is a gospel artist, is he this; is he that? I was on stage one time and a Pastor asked me not to let the people dance Azonto or Alkayida. As soon as the kids started to dance; he took the microphone away from me… (Laughing) That’s one of my favorite memories. It’s just God, once God speaks the word there might be resistance but in the end it will prevail.

D: In all your music tours around Ghana, do you see your music having great impact in the lives of the people you minister to?

K: Yes, I see God getting glory from my life and a confirmation that I’m walking in purpose.

D: What inspires you to do what you do?

K: God basically and the high sense of purpose. I really believe in God’s plan and purpose for my life. I believe am going somewhere, have always known since I was born. My parents got separated when I was a year old. Growing up even at a young age I always knew. I knew I would be great. I haven’t even started what am supposed to do, I won’t even say I have achieved 1% of my destiny yet. I just know am going somewhere and am in to achieve something great.

D: In the next five years where do you see yourself?

K: Christ, before He left this earth asked us to occupy until He comes. I want to be the greatest man and musician that ever lived. It doesn’t matter where am from, I intend to do just that and to win a million souls for Christ.

D: Spending almost six years in doing music, how many albums or singles have you released?

K: I have released two albums so far, “Vindicated and Metamorphosis”.

D: Will you love to disclose your age to your fans? If no why?

K: Oh yeah, I’m 26 (smiling)

D: Where did you attend your high and tertiary education? If so which one, if not why?

K: I read Bsc in Banking and Finance and graduated from the Central University College. Graduated in 2012 and put the degree down to do music ( hahaaaa! Ha ha ha!)

D: What are the most memorable college moments?

K: When I started doing music as Kingzkid in level 300, some of my mates told me they won’t buy my album…(laughing). Most of them did actually get it though. Some of them saw me as someone who was wasting his time, not focusing on education; but I was fulfilling destiny.

D: Was there any particular teacher you remember having been influential? How?

K: A few of my lecturers were my fans; I made them my fans by force… (Laughing) and they loved my music. In academic institutions in Ghana the highest order is to learn hard and get your first class. None of my lecturers in my school despised me in anyway. They were supportive.

D: Any lecturer in particular you actually recall?

K: Yes, my Entrepreneurship Lecturer and Banking and Finance Lecturer; Mr Benjamin Amoah. That lecturer was one lecturer everyone thought was very wicked but he did something that made me go like... “Huh!” Is he that same lecturer that everyone is talking about? Banking and Finance was my favourite course and entrepreneurship if you take that out I think the four years was a waste.

D: Who were your biggest fans while in school or mentors that pushed you to do what you doing and you still look forward to?

K: I love Joe Mettle and Cwesi Oteng, I count these two as my big brothers in the ministry. They started before I did and is always good to look up to someone who has been there if you willing to get up there. I called Joe Mettle about my concert and he gave me an advice. They are the people I look up to and don’t mind what people say about them. I know what they mean to me.

D: What is your most memorable travel experience during your music tour?

K: This year's tour has been amazing. By the Grace of God, we have won about 800 souls. It’s the best experience I have had so far.

D: What do you like to do in your spare time?

K: Moviesssss! I love movies, mhen!

D: If you could possess a super-human quality what would that be? Why?

K: Ha-ha. I guess I would want to know what everyone is thinking. That could be dangerous though. You will be surprised that a person's face shows that they love you or support you, Oh but wait till you hear their thoughts! Ha! Ha! Ha! Me being in Ghana I think I would like to fly, so much traffic in this country.  

D: What is it you would want to tell your fans out there?

K: I just want to encourage everyone to just follow their dreams. God has placed greatness in each and everyone of us. For some, it might be in the banking field but for most people that’s not where their greatness is. They ended up there because of the norm so I just want to tell people to stop following norms and follow their true self. Pray to God and find out what His purpose for you actually is ;and just follow it with all your heart. Always acknowledge that God is your source and without Him you are nothing.

D: How spiritual are you?

K: Very spiritual mhen! I fast, I pray at dawn almost every day.

D: Has there been a point in time when you felt like things were not going well and you think of giving up and ask God “oh why”.  Do you give up sometimes or try to find a solution to your problems?

K: I never give up, am a fighter. My only problem sometimes is when you know the destination but God didn’t tell you how the journey will be like. I know where am going, I know what God has said about my life, I know who I will be and I can bet on it that it will definitely happen. But how soon it will and the journey that it will take to get there sometimes you ask God “you said this just let it happen now”. He in his infinite wisdom knows that if it happens now you won’t be ready for it or you need to build some muscles before. My only problem is waiting sometimes but you know patience is key for every dream and for every destiny.

D: Thank you so much Kingzkid and God bless you for your time.

K: You are welcome Doreen… (Smiling)



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