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RepJesusposted Sun, 31 Jul, 2016

One on One with Edna


Her life was a struggle after losing both parents which led her to take the motherly role in caring for her younger brother. I believe you will want to know about her struggles and her breakthrough. She sold airtime on the streets and worked as a security woman when her family refused to cater for she and her brother after the death of both parents. It was of great pleasure interviewing Edna and she was happy to have RepJesus.

Edna is our guest to be interviewed on this session of the One on One Interview.


D: Edna Welcome to rep Jesus entertainment.

E: Thank you

D: I have a name and it is Doreen and wha is yours? Would you love to share your full name with us?

E: My name is Edna Ama Arthur

D: Where is Edna from?

E: I am from Cape Coast but I was born here in Accra.

D:  Who is Edna and why did she choose urban gospel when other people are looking to make it big in the circular world today?

E: Hmmm…well, you know, I am not there yet but am hopeful.  It hasn’t been easy because I started doing rap music when I was 17, then; I realized this (music) was my destiny. I actually gave my life to Christ about three years ago. There was also a prophesy about my life and it was the will of God for me to do gospel hip-hop, so I had to switch from circular music into the gospel scene. Since then, have been on the hustle trying to push myself. It’s all been by the grace of God.

D: Education being key in every man’s life, will you want to tell us about your educational background?

E: Hahahahahaa… you know I wanted to go to school but poverty prevented everything. Unfortunately I couldn’t further my education. I am a Junior High School graduate. That’s the only certificate I have. I believe the grace and the favour of God qualifies, certificate and degree doesn’t matter.

D: Do you do anything aside music?

E: No, all I do is music but I want to setup my own business. It’s all about having the finances and what am still praying for is to start up my own business. I have a lot of plans but for now it’s just music; my real job.

D: How long have you been doing urban gospel?

E: I will say one year

D: You are still young in the industry and you are doing a great job out there.

E: Thank you, thank you! As I said before I gave my life to Christ like 2 to 3years ago. I had a prophesy, God told me if I should take my time he is going to push me and obviously he has done that. I tell people and they don’t believe me, they think it should take more time for me to get there but now everyone knows my name. It’s all glory to God.

D: Being one of the few females doing urban gospel, have you thought of taking your music to another level; like taking tours around Ghana to promote your music?

E: Yes! Yes! Yes! My music is just the grace of God pushing me I don’t have anyone pushing me financially.  I am doing everything by myself. I haven’t got any external help from anyone; God has been my ultimate helper. I have plans but now I am just working on some videos which I will start shooting and also work on my album.

D: Since you are working towards your grand album; we all can’t wait for. How many singles have you released?

E: Uhmmmm…I have five singles released and a mix tape. Currently am working towards shooting videos for the songs have released.

D: How was the beginning like for you when you started doing urban music?

E: When you start working for God; you rely on the Holy Spirit who will teach you everything. I will say The Holy Spirit is the key person in my life. I don’t really have the skill most artists have, like the voice, a coach among others.

We are in Ghana, we are in Africa, and things are different here. You have to use your God given ability and learn all these things by yourself. The internet is also available which I make good use of.

D: Have you ever thought of furthering your education?

E: No…I wanted to; but then again God told me “if you can’t further your education, you have to better your finances”. I believe that whatever you want to accomplish in life its God. He will bring those opportunities my way, not my education or my degree will.

D:  I know Edna to be the only rapper who got selected for “The Next Big Thing in GH”talent competition aired by Gh One Television. Can you tell me about it?

That was four years ago…Ha! Ha! Ha! It was a rap show. I use to do a lot of circular music back in the days and when I heard about this talent show I decided to give it a try.  Fortunately for me, I was the only girl amongst twelve guys and that is how I realized there was a grace speaking in my life. I just had to make my mind up and give my life to Christ.

D: Have you featured any of the urban gospel artists or had them featuring you in their songs?

E: I am yet to, but most at times it’s me and Atakora in collaboration.

D: Who is Atakora, is he your manager? Because I have seen you perform with him on several platforms including the recent Give it UP 2016.

E: Actually, he is like my back bone .When you see him, you see me. We met at the “Next Big Thing in Gh” four years ago and since then it’s been amazing .God has really transformed us. When I had a prophesy in my life I told him “ Charle I am not doing this circular music again” and said he was doing gospel and that’s how we got to work together.

D: What induces you to do what you are doing?

E: I would say God. It used to be my mum and dad but God is more than my mother and father. I just want to make something out of my life and I know my mum will be happy wherever she is. I will make her proud.

D: How did you survive when your mum and dad passed on?

E: At times I reflect back and I don’t know how I survived. It was very hard when I became homeless with my brother. We were sleeping on the streets because my family didn’t really care about us. It’s also the reason I didn’t further my education because of the financial problems then. It was a terrible time in my life and it’s now a testimony because have you interviewing me and I am telling you about it. It is all to the Glory of God. God knows why I went through that pain in all those times. I give Him all the thanks. I am here today and am grateful.

D: Where is your brother now?

E: He is around. We stay together. He wants to be a Pastor so he is doing his best.

D: Do u have anything that keeps you busy when you are not doing music?

E: I like to go to the Kasoa market to shop and prepare my own food. I use to be homeless and ate food prepared on the street a lot but now that I have my own place am obsessed with cooking.  I am always cooking…(smiling).

D: Where do you worship?

E: I attend Freedom Chapel International. I worship with the main branch at Odorkor even though there is a branch at Kasoa.

D: What would someone who doesn’t like you or know you say about you?

E: I am not a psychic or anything but I guess they would say that the Grace of God has really found me. It is not easy to make it out of that life I use to be in.

D: Now that you are successful by God’s grace and you trying to get there. Have you met any of your family members coming to you to apologise and ask you back into their lives? Any interaction or meeting with them?

E: I have received calls telling me they have been asking of me but I believe at the right time God will set a table before me the presence of my enemies.  You know I have seen it in my visions and dreams and I know that God will definitely do it.

 I am not really looking forward to that. If they should apologise it will all be to the glory of God. So far none of them have come forward to apologise and am not looking forward to one. I am just thankful I am alive. When they left God has taken care of me. The rejected stone will be the corner stone.

D: Do you have people you draw your inspirations from?

E: Yes I do, Bob Marley and Chaise Chapman.  I listen to their songs; even though they don’t live anymore. Listening to Bob Marley is so amazing because he has a lot of inspirational songs and I believe he is a prophet. A prophet because his music preaches positivism, trusting in God and hoping. It is gospel.

D: Do you have any one else who motivates you to do what you?

God firstly,  Atakora and El Jay. Atakora is really doing a great job and El Jay is so amazing. I remember when I brought my first rap to him he said “Charlie you have to be a musician and this was way back. He is still my hommie, and he motivates me too.

I remember I sent my CD to a certain label. They didn’t listen to my song and they just trashed my CD. I said and he kept telling me not to give up when i cried “this was my work I gave to your and u just crashed it”. Since I took my music career seriously he has never missed a show, he is always at my shows. He is one of the people I would always appreciate.

D: I am happy for you. I am so glad. We pray that God will protect you and you would see greater things in your life.

E: Amen! Amen!

D: When are you releasing your next single.

E: I want to release a single called “Bad”. I want to come out with the video as well, so I will release it when the video is out.  

D: When you are shooting your video, I will be featuring inside there with vigor.

E: Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Owww don’t worry okay, no problem

D: A word to your fans out there and to people who are facing the same challenges you encountered back then. People who still believe nothing can be done about their case because they feel it’s a special case.

E: I want to tell them to let Jesus Christ be their light in this dark world, have a personal relationship and trust in him.

D: Thank you so much Edna for granting me this interview. I really do appreciate your time with Rep Jesus.

E: You welcome




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