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RepJesusposted a blog, Tue, 09 Aug, 2016

One on One with Regardless


Regardless is a Christian Hip hop artist, Song Writer, owner and founder of Truth Nation. I can also say he is the youths “Papa”, a father to the youth.

Regardless attains the uppermost level of dedication as an artist and motivator by provoking positivity in the minds of the youth and helping to elevate a generation of young people who know and position for the truth.

There was an impressive speech in his interview related to provoking the positivity in the youth today that I have taken a seed out of. He said “A candle looses nothing by lighting another candle”. In sharing the light that one has, together the people he shares it with cover more grounds of light, rather than keep ones light and illuminate oneself.  

Stay glued to your screens and make sure to read this interview to the end and you will be blessed.


D: Rep Jesus Entertainment welcomes you to the One on One interview session; Regardless.

R: Hahaha! Thank you.

D: What’s Regardless’s real name?

R: Cyril Selase Dotse

D: How did the name Regardless come about?

R: It actually represents two things; basically.Regardless of the blood, sweat and tears life draws out of me; I’m made whole through Christ because he bled, broke sweat and shed tears for my life.

Secondly, it’s a reminder of the fact not to give up. Regardless of the ups and downs I will still stay afloat, regardless of the twist and turns; I will be on course and it’s all by grace. No matter what may come my way I will fulfill the very purpose that God has for me.

D: Who is Regardless?

R: Who is Regardless?

 I am an interesting guy…hahahaha!

 D: Education being a key pivot to the success of every man. Will you share you educational background with us?

R: I went to Junior High at a private school called Providence Preparatory School, moved on to St. Thomas Aquinas High School and had a two year diploma course in Public Adjinistration at the University of Ghana.And then had a top-up for my degree in Business Administration at the University of Professional Studies (UPSA) which was previously Institute of Professional Studies (IPS).

D: Is Regardless doing anything aside music? If yes, why? If no, why?

R: Yes I do. I am a full time finance officer in three companies namely Auto Parts Limited (Nissan), Universal Motors Limited (Volkswagen) and Porsche Ghana. I have been working with them since 2008 my first year, first semester in Legon.

D: Why urban Gospel?

R: In a simple statement; it fulfils me.

D: Really? How?

R: It gives me a purpose and the bible says “it’s in him we live, move and have our being”. In Colossians 1:9-10 it says “we grow as we get to know God better, so if am supposed to grow in whatever that I do I need to know God because it’s in him that I live, move and have my being.

 I am doing urban gospel which is a command from him which is go into the world and preach to all nations and my way of preaching to people is through my music.I am fulfilling my God giving purpose, so it fulfils me.

D: Can you share some of your experiences being with the urban family ever since you picked up the cross of Christ?

R: It’s been an undulating ride. Just like God allowed the Israelites to take a longer route before reaching the Promised Land to teach them and strengthen their faith. Even though it’s been undulating; it’s just to teach me things and make me stronger for the greatness that soon cometh.

The price of greatness they say is responsibility. Ecclesiastes 12:13 teaches us to fear God and keep his commandments for that is the entire duty of man.  

D: In an interview with previous urban gospel artists, some shared experiences of their initial stages in life promoting Christ through urban gospel. Their stories were touching and quite interesting. Do you have any of such heart-breaking stories or experiences during the initial stages of your life while promoting the gospel of Christ through your music?

R: I think have been blessed not to have any major issues of such kind but on constant basis I hear it will be easier for me to make a lot more money and gain recognition if I switch to secular music because in their opinion gospel, inspirational or conscious music is holding me back. 

I didn’t just jump into music; it was a process where God had to work on me and so when I got into it I knew why and what to do. The mind is like soil when someone says something to you, it becomes a planted seed. However you decide whether to water that seed and allow it grow into a tree so even though I get a lot of those comments and discouragements, it doesn't faze me.

D: One of my favorite songs of you is one of your latest single “Give it Up". What life events inspired the song's conception?

R: I wouldn’t say I have seen a lot of struggles but I think I have seen  as much as God wants me to  see to be able to build me up. There are a lot of young and old people around me who say “Jesus take control” but don't want to let go of the control unit and then wonder why the situations remain same.

Again these people are at the point where they feel, they can’t carry their burdens anymore, they can’t go through this anymore, they can’t hold on any longer.

 So the song Give it Up is just to let them know God says “you don’t have to” because 1Peter 5-7 says “cast your burdens unto me for I care” now this Is what He (Jesus) is telling you.

D: Was the song “Give it Up” composed because it was approaching the main Give it Up gospel jams concert which happened on the 1st of July this year?

R: It had nothing to do directly with the Give it Up concert. A friend sent me a beat to create a concept for but I wasn't really feeling the beat. Nonetheless I'm not one to quickly shelve things off just because it didn't blow my mind so I decided to still create something.  After jamming the beat a few times the Holy Spirit gave me “Give It Up”

I called my friend over and we made a new beat to the song.

Prior to that, a couple of friends came over and we were talking about the struggles of being a young Christian and I think all together; inspired the song Give It Up. Shouts to SunnyBeatz though, the lights off couldn't stop us   

D: What’s the biggest crowd you have performed in front of and where?

R: I think on four occasions, last year Footprintz, this year Footprintz, last year’s Give It Up and this year’s Give it Up

D: And I pray you get to perform in front of larger crowds than you have ever performed in front of.

R: Yeah! As Jesus fed five thousand people with five loaves and two fishes, More doors are opening for us to minister to more souls where we have 1 or 5 talents.

D: As a Gospel artist, what are some of the challenges that you face day-to-day from being in various church settings?

R: It presents the opportunity for me to get to meet and know other people so I can share my faith, my testimony and the amazing things God is doing in my life. It’s not a challenge but more of an opportunity.

D: Have you gone on any tour yet to promote your songs? If yes when? If not why?

R: Hmm I haven’t been on a personal tour but have supported others on theirs.I haven’t been able to put together a personal tour due to the nature of my work, but pretty soon tho. Watch out for the M.O.T tour.

D: What does a perfect day look like to you?

R: I wake up, have a conversation with God, and share the outcome of that conversation in the form of a scripture. Spend some time with my mom, grandma and my inner circle.  Then into the studio to make music and later on meeting or being on the phone with young people just encouraging them to stay true to God and the purpose for which they’ve been called.

D: Do you have any mentors who motivate you and how?

R: Jesus is pretty much of a big mentor.  The more you read the bible; you know there are a lot you can learn and a lot to be done.  Jesus is my mentor, my biggest mentor.

D: What do you do when not working?

R: Hmmm…either I'm out having a smoothie and some awesome salad because I love salad a lot, or am at the beach trying to clear my head and enjoy the view or  with young folks  sharing my struggles, victories and how far God has brought me.

I do that because I believe in strengthening others today for tomorrow when you are weak. Just like God said it’s not good for man to be alone and gave him Eve. Evidently we need each other in this walk so it's very much needed to empower the people around me.


D: That’s something good you are doing because most of the youth out there need people share their problems with; me inclusive because the struggles and the pressures in life are just too much for them to bear. We sometimes do have problems we wish to share with people which we find very difficult and are weighing us down.

R: Exactly, exactly and I have a concept I live by which is “A candle looses nothing by lighting another candle” because the bible says we are the light of the world, a town built on a hill can it be hidden.

So in sharing my light, together we cover more grounds rather than keep my light and illuminate just myself.

D: How many singles do you have out there? And are you currently working on an album or have you one already?

R:I have a project dubbed  “ Moment of Truth” which is out there, prior to that, I have released 11 singles. My “Moment of Truth” project is my most real thing and then I just dropped the song “Give it Up”.

D: What is the “Moment of Truth” project about?

R: It’s about my moments of truth. Basically about my life, my struggles, my pain, my passion, my faith among others. It’s a reflection of me and my relationship with God.

D: How would you describe yourself in one word?'

R: Interesting

D: If we're sitting here a year from now celebrating what a great 12 months it's been for you, what would you recall?

R: I will be celebrating an undeniable growth both spiritually and physically of my record label TruthNation and my label mate Morphat.

D: Can you tell me about a time when you almost gave up, how you felt about that, and what you did instead of giving up?'

R: I don’t give up; I’m not going to give up on anything that God wants for me. All these years what I have come to realize about myself mainly is that I have a clear vision of what God wants for me which makes it difficult to give up. It’s pretty easy to give up when you don't know what's at the end of the road for you.

It’s also because as a child of God nothing happens to us by chance, everything is allowed by God for our own good and growth; its either to build us up, equip us for all good works  or to strengthen us for certain challenges which in turn propels us  to greater heights. So giving up is way out of the question for me.

It’s just a matter of depending on God for more strength and seeking his will in all matters. 

D: So when are we looking forward to your next single.

R: Very soon…I’m actually about to do something with an artist that’s signed to my label, Morphat.

D:  Tell your fans something brief to ginger them up anytime they feel down.

R: One thing I believe in is; you can’t give something you don’t have. Empower the people around you and this goes to you as well. Strengthen the people around you today for when you are weak tomorrow , it goes to say treat other people the way you want them to treat you.

In one of my songs off the “Moment of Truth” project I said “The encouragement I get to give to you tomorrow is based on the troubles that I face today”. Everything that you going through today has a purpose to fulfill tomorrow. It is the tool you will use to build up somebody tomorrow.

D: Wow, finally we done. Thank you Regardless…Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

R: Thanks for your patience a lot.



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