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RepJesusposted Tue, 30 Aug, 2016

One on ONE with E-Rock


Enoch Ofori Boamah known artistically as E-Rock is a member of the Believers’ Loveworld family also known as Christ Embassy Church where his journey of active gospel music kicked off as a member of the choir.

E-Rock pursued secular music right from his teenage years until he got born again in 2008. An experience he loves to share in conferences and different meetings.

He is charismatic, energetic, and passionate about what he does. His mission is straight forward and he never misses on any chance he gets to profess his love for Jesus.

With a debut album; ‘The Necessity Project’, E-Rock seeks to push the boundaries and break stereotypes within the gospel music terrain. He is currently working on his next album ‘Love Songs Project’, which he is excited about.

You wouldn’t also believe E-Rock broke down in tears when asked how he gave his Life to Jesus. I was awed and amazed, I felt his emotions. Read to find out more.

D: A welcome is very essential for the commencement of every meeting formal interview. Welcome E-rock to the One on One show with rep Jesus.

E: Thank you

D: How long have been a Christian?

E:  I was born to a Christian family, started getting active and understanding being born again back in 2008.

D: How has being a Christian changed your outlook on the world?

E: I’m fortunate to learn the word and right after I got born again. I was really hungry for God so I got hold of the bible and started listening to many men of God and I thank the man that got on to me, that’s Pastor Chris.

 I learnt the word and it made me understand Gods perspective and values.

D: I believe you grew up worshipping with Christ Embassy and I believe you gained a lot of experiences being with the C.E ministry. Do you feel like you have a stronger foundation because you dedicated yourself to the ministry?

E: I grew up my Christian walk in Christ Embassy but then like I said; I got in a Christian family that was with Christ Embassy back then when I was still a bad boy and all that, you know. When I got born again and I joined Christ Embassy what I learnt at Christ Embassy is the foundation of all I know. Being there has really affected my life, my music, mindset and everything I know.

D: Were there circumstances that led to you being born again?

E: Yes.  Quiet a remarkable story I share everywhere I go. 2008, January I came back for a short break from school, St. Peters when I was going to write my WASSCE.

 I got home and was going to record a circular song, we had gotten a producer so right from the studio I went home. The next morning my dad told me a Prophet friend of his; who had just come back from the U.S wanted to see me and I said “okay sure”.

I went to his place that day and he shared the word with me. That day was really different. Just like many other young people who had gone towards God many times this one was so different. This one by the time he said we should say the salvation prayer I was already in tears, I cried like a baby and I didn’t understand why I was crying. That was the day I spoke in tongues and received the Holy Spirit, I then understood the scripture that said “come ye all who labour and I shall give you rest”.

I felt like a weight has been lifted of me. Jesus is real and changes people’s life…the testimonies are consistent all over the world. (Here I was surprised he broke down into tears, I felt his emotions so the interview had to pause for awhile till he could continue)

D: What led you into doing music or when or did you recognize you  had this gift and would want to use it to praise God.

E: I had a musical passion right when I was a kid. I just knew I would do music because I really love music right when I was kid and I remember I will sing while going to school.

I started writing music quiet early. When I was in the university I was writing some songs and all that. Aside doing circular music, I met Castro while in Junior High School (SHS), I started recording at studios. While in Senior High School (SHS) I took music quiet far, performing at different places like the national theatre you know I was doing circular until I finally gave my life to Christ

D: And that changed everything?

E: Yes, when I gave my life to Christ I was ready to use all my talent to promote the gospel but it was not by strength. I couldn’t describe Jesus just by a song, so for about 2 to 3 years I had not written a single gospel song, so I joined the church choir.  After while when I got to do my first song, the song was good.

D:  Performing your song “Zacchaeus” one can’t help but notice the change your song took, why that song because it sounds a little different from the E-rock songs I listen to?

E:  Which of my songs do you know?

D: I know your popular “church dey sweet papa” which a friend of mine Dorothy Naa Swanie from high school used in choreographing a dance for our schools gospel explosion. With “Zacchaeus” its quiet a unique song and when I heard you perform during Give it Up I was wowed. Why the change?

E: The thing is I find it a little difficult to locate my genre because I could do every genre. I can rap and a number of things i can do so I found a genre I was comfortable with.

 I think music is not about doing a particular genre. It’s about the inspiration that come to you at the moment. God could give you an inspiration, God does not talk to us in our genre. So I think we shouldn’t be limited by a genre, you do music per the inspiration you get at a time.

That song(church dey sweet papa) came to me with that beat and specification and I just knew the way it should go . “Church is Sweet” was an experimental song. Danceable are not my thing.

D: Okay

E: The song(church dey sweet papa) is a case study of how the anointing flies; so be very careful of what you say when the anointing is on you. The day I recorded “Church dey Sweet” this was what happened: I had gone to preach somewhere and it was a very powerful message.

The anointing was still on me when I entered the studio that same day. I had not planned to do any song so when we got there we were just kidding and I said to myself let me enter the booth and do something and that’s how I got the song.

The song was everywhere I was just wondering and I felt like screaming and saying “I have got a better song” come and take that one. At a point in time I didn’t want to identify with this song because it was not my thing. I do a lot of soul songs, that’s my thing. One of the things God has blessed me with in my ministry is not extraordinary vocal but has blessed me with extraordinary amplitude of comprehension.

I have content by the Grace of God; God has given me the message. That’s the characteristics of anyone God sends. When God sends you he does not only give you just skill, He gives him something to say. I also say that he whom God has sent he keeps the word of God.

D: Where do you draw your inspiration from?

E: Ermmm...different places. Firstly my main inspiration I draw from the Holy Spirit, at different times it was in prayer or in studying the word. Sometimes you are doing a number of things and the Holy Spirit presses it on your heart. He gives you a song or an inspiration sometimes. My man of God Pastor Christ in his message said the Holy Spirit is a master communicator. He communicates to you whether you are talking to someone or not. I could be talking to you and the Holy Spirit can drop a song and while talking to you I could hear the song. Sometimes what I do is I quit talking so I can put down the details.

The next one is when am either listening to Pastor Chris or my Pastor. When am listening to them a message comes, the theme of the song comes without the rhythm and later it joins.

The third one is when draw inspiration from everything around and what I sometimes see going on. One more thing God has blessed me with is am very wise, I have the wisdom of God at work in me. I could just be there and God opens my understanding about different thing so I could see something going on and I would draw inspiration from, like a song.

The final one is personal experiences. Someone said “a message from the head goes to the head and a message from the heart goes to the head”. When you sing a song that comes from inside you, a personal experience, it tends to speak to peoples heart because you can’t necessarily lie to people for long. When you are singing something that you are not, it’s difficult for people to actually identify with you.

When you try to do a worship song and you are not a worshipper please stop you are wasting your time. People will not mind you. Most of the world renowned worshippers most of what they do on stage is what they usually do in their room.

D: What challenges do you think gospel rap music in the country is facing that you wish to change using this platform and other mediums.

E: We need to understand that it’s new and people already have this mindset about rap music in Ghana. I think the gospel industry or gospel as a whole is getting better in Ghana. Things are getting better. People use to have this mindset about gospel music expecting it to be in a specific way.

 The influx of these young guys from the beginning was a nuisance, gradually is being accepted. Now every youth ministry is gradually accepting it, if you don’t the youth won’t come to your church and you will be left with your old men and women.

All we need to do is keep pressing and keep pushing and press the right button. Before when we talk about urban gospel getting nomination in the VGMA, urban gospel was the last to be looked at but now we getting one or two. That means it has started.

When it comes to the preparation side of it we have to work on our quality. When we are doing something for God you have to do it very well that’s one thing I like about what where I worship. Christ Embassy the bars are high, the standard is high because if I release a song and its going to be played on the ministry platform am competing.

That’s why I don’t have a video because the kinds of videos that already exist are too high, the life of Sinach, Franklin Edwards so I can’t just release any video and put it on the platform they won’t play it. The bars are quiet high.

If you’ve ever listened to any of the guys who are from Christ Embassy in Ghana like Jay Shady our music is quiet different and that’s why we keep working hard.

D: Comparing Nigerian and Ghanaian urban Gospel industry, do you think Ghana is getting the upper hand or we still getting there?

E: Upper hand not at all. I am inspired anytime I go to work in Nigeria, have done a couple of works there and the thing about them is that their appreciation of music is different. They are naturally aggressive people and they work hard. They are more aggressive than the average Ghanaian, while the average Ghanaian is comfortable they don’t know what is called comfortable. They press to do what they want.

D: How old are you do you mind me asking?

E: I don’t disclose my age

D: So that means you are too old or you are too young?

E: Ahhhhh…I don’t know

D: Tell me more about your spiritual journey.

E: My spiritual journey has been filled with God’s love and grace. Like my pastor, Pastor Chris will say upward and forward only. It’s been great learning the word and walking in the Holy Spirit; is very important for temptation.

This is because everybody faces temptation and we fall into some, fall for some, and we don’t fall for some. The ones we fall into whether knowingly or unknowingly, His grace is enough. Our mistakes don’t threaten His mercy. There is no amount of water that you can steal from the ocean.

D: How do you deal with temptations?

E: Like I said before we fall into some and don’t fall for some at all but the thing is we learn. When you have the word of God in you, you will understand somethings. The bible says that there is no temptation that is not greater than you because you can handle it.

When you study Jesus Christ’s temptation the reason he was able to overcome all the temptation was because he had the word of God inside him, everything the devil said he replied with the word. The bible said he brought out the word and when you study more of God’s word you will be able to use it to overcome temptations.

The bible says “every sin committed is taken by mans own desires”.

D: But you know, there are times when you say to yourself you won’t sin but that’s the time you tend to sin the more. The human itself is weak don’t you think?

E: You know is not a matter of how strong you want to look. The bible says its not by might and neither is it by power but once God has given every single soul who is born again the fruit of the spirit which is self control that means your human soul can control yourself.

The bible says that a man who does not have control over his spirit is like a city without walls so through Gods word we begin to fortify ourselves. If God has said we can control ourselves that means we can actually do it and stop blaming other people for our mistakes and start holding ourselves accountable.

D: A year before all of this would you have thought you’d be where you are today?

E: Yeah, I knew it. Just like I know where I will be in the next five years. Because God doesn’t put his children in the dark. Before Abraham became father of many nations, God told him. So in our prayer closet, we hear what God says about our life. Different men of God have spoken to us; we know what we were called to do. So deep in my spirit, I know what God has given me to do is not just for Ghana, am just doing some rehearsals here.

D: That leads me to the next question. Where do you think you will be in the next five years?

E: When it comes to ministry, I am actively involved. I should be a Pastor Pastoring a church by the next five years.

D: What other dreams or aspirations do you have aside being a Pastor?

E: I already have a few businesses running so I hope it will grow bigger and stronger. Five years to come, I should be done with law school. I’m a second year law student now and I have two more years to complete.

D: Wow, so you are in the law school now?

E: Yes

D: How many years more to complete?

E: Two years more.

D: Wow and you will be called Lawyer E-rock.

E: Ha! Ha! Ha! I don’t think I will practice though.

D: What’s your opinion on just saying “I love Jesus,” “I love God,” “I love being a Christian” in a song?  Do you think it matters?

E: As to whether the people mean it or not, I can’t tell because it’s not us they are saying it to Jesus. It’s Jesus so he can do the judging there. But once what they are saying is in line with God’s word, you can only take Gods word for it. It’s very important to ask them how they feel about Jesus or their love for Jesus before they mention it in their songs. For me, when I say it, I mean it.

D: What experience have you had with Christ Embassy?  Is it more than you expected?

E:  It’s been a great experience and I have not regretted joining Christ Embassy.

D: Do you have an album?

E: Yeah I do have an album.

D: What’s the name of the album?


D: What’s the album about?

E: That was my first song that hit in the Christ Embassy  circles and came from the scripture 1 Corinthians 9:16 “for though I preach the gospel, I have nothing to glory of: for necessity is laid upon me; yea, woe is unto me, if I preach not the gospel” which lay emphasis on necessity.

So the whole album is about preaching the gospel and that is what I was born to do. Pushing gospel is what I was born to do, that is necessity laid on me. It was my first album and I released it in 2013.

D: How many albums so far?

E: It’s one so album and will be releasing another this year.

D: How many singles do you have in your previous album and the next one we are expecting?

E: In my first album I had 11 songs and my second will have 15 songs. I am very excited about my second album.

D: Do you write your own songs or you’ve had external help?

E: No I write my own songs

D: What does a happy day look like to you?

E: Is a day am able to achieve my set targets for the day

D: Final words?

E: The love of Jesus is real and it’s not passive. It’s very active and it’s something we are a testimony of and like my second album coming out which is titled “Love song”. It’s about my love commitment to Christ and love commitment between ourselves and the gospel of Christ.

Get ready for my first video which is very likely to come out next month and get ready because a lot is going to happen this year and next year. We are on the flight of the Holy Spirit.

D: Amen. Thank you so much

E: Thank you too


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