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Gideonz Armyposted Wed, 16 Jan, 2013

Gideonz Army & T Haddy releases new single 'Too Hood'

Music lovers, there have been some ground breaking moves that will rock the music industry at its core! For some time now we have seen the world of music evolve and shape shift. Today we would like to introduce to you a new wave of music, a new sound, a new vibe, and a new ministry. Ladies and gentlemen, we would like to present to you 3MG (Mainstream Media Music Group)! 3MG is a new label headed up by R & B sensation T-Haddy and rap duo Gideonz Army. T-Haddy is one of the most notable urban Gospel singers and super producers. He is regarded as the T-Pain and R. Kelly of Gospel music and arguably one of the best hook men in the industry. Gideonz Army (“GA”) a rap group that seemingly emerged on the scene from nowhere has made an impact in the hip hop community. Together GA and T-Haddy will be releasing music exclusively under the 3MG label. 3MG is an Atlanta-based entertainment company with goals to take the Gospel mainstream through great music production and video production, apparel, and more. In an industry where so many are focused on themselves, GA and T-Haddy have stated that their desire is elsewhere: “Man it’s all about the team. If you have an efficient engine behind you then there is no stopping how far this music can go. This is not about competition, but working together to affect the world through music.” T-Haddy And work together they shall. Many people could see this connection brewing, with their first collaboration on the release of “Jesus Piece.” “We were excited to find someone with so much talent and that kind of heart—a heart to reach the lost and to go further then just the church walls.” -Souljah (Essoh) of Gideonz Army 3MG is a label that will be a force in music. Period. Their focus is not to be limited to the Gospel community but they plan to reach those in the mainstream music industry, as well. “Why not bring our talents and resources together? It only makes sense. And trust me, it’s not going to stop with us two. Just keep watching.” -Monolog (Mr. Ohkay) of Gideonz Army This will be a pivotal year for GA, T-Haddy, and the label 3MG. 3MG is making a statement by releasing a joint project from T-haddy and GA in the first quarter of 2013. Fans, get ready and prayer warriors, keep us lifted as we take the Gospel mainstream. As a gift, 3MG is releasing the first single “Too Hood” from the upcoming album “The Truth Unveiled” for a free download. Also visit the website, join the street team, join the social communities and stay up to date with the 3MG movement! Check out Gideonz Army and T Haddy's new joint "Too Hood" at the downloads section.


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