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RepJesusposted Tue, 13 Sep, 2016

Kevin Sorbo Working on New Movie About Atheist's Conversion to Christianity in 'Let There Be Light'


Television and movie star Kevin Sorbo is working on a new film about an atheist who, upon experiencing a near-death experience, converts to Christianity.

Titled "Let There Be Light," the film is in production and recently completed a shoot in Birmingham, Alabama, according to

"Sorbo and his wife, actress Sam Sorbo, wrapped up three weeks of filming in Birmingham this morning with an all-night shoot in Southside for the movie they co-star in," reported

"The movie is set in New York and Connecticut, but most of the scenes for both those locations were shot in Birmingham."

In an interview with, Sam, who co-wrote the script for "Let There Be Light," spoke about the public's desire for more Christian films.

"From a business perspective, if you do the right faith-based movie, you're going to reach a lot of people," she explained. "The idea [for this movie] hit me … I wonder what would happen if the world's greatest atheist had a come-to-Jesus moment?"

Best known for starring in the title role of the 1990s television series "Hercules: The Legendary Journeys," in recent years Sorbo has garnered a reputation for being involved in Christian films.

In the surprise 2014 box office hit "God's Not Dead," Sorbo played an atheist professor who demands that all his students conclude that God is not real only to be challenged by a young Christian man, played by Shane Harper.

Garnering more than $60 million at the box office, a sequel was made starring Melissa Joan Hart in "God's Not Dead 2."

In September 2014, Sorbo said in a radio interview that Hollywood was beginning to "wake up" to the commercial viability of Christian-centered films.

"I don't think it's an 'us vs. them' sort of mentality. But I live in this world. I'm out here, so I see what's going on," Sorbo told Peter Heck on his radio program.

"I think they're finally starting to wake up. With the success of 'Son of God,' 'Heaven is for Real' and certainly 'God's Not Dead.'"

Regarding the first "God's Not Dead" film, Sam added in the interview with that "Nobody in their right mind would have predicted" its success.

"It was a surprise to understand the amount of support a good faith-based movie can garner. The flyover states have long been disregarded. We know people vote with their pocketbooks," she said.

"That movie was a really great movie. Kevin's performance was so important. You hate him, then you feel sorry for him, then you love him. His performance was so important and memorable."

Also starring Daniel Roebuck, Gary Grubbs and Leander Suleiman, "Let There Be Light" is scheduled to be released in December 2017.

Source: Christian Post


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