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RepJesusposted Thu, 20 Oct, 2016

Singer Monica Thanks God for Spirit of Discernment Ahead of 36th Birthday


One week before her 36th birthday, R&B star Monica Brown is sharing her prayers with over 4 million fans on social media.

Monica isn't spending her prayer time asking God for anything, instead she is thanking her Creator for her blessings, which include the spirit of discernment. 

"...When I said my prayers tonight I didn't ask for a thing, just said thank you!! Thank you for the spirit of discerning, thank you for growth ..," the singer wrote in a transparent Instagram post on Monday. "I'm not ashamed of who or how I used to be, but proud that I took those experiences and bettered myself. ..."

The singer went on to express her gratitude for her children, good health and strength.

"Thank you for my children and all our health and strength. ... Thank you for allowing me to see the good in me and to finally acknowledge my worth," she wrote. "I have so far to go. ... Grateful for how far I've come."

Monica, the "So Gone" singer, mother of three and wife to professional basketball player Shannon Brown, has spoken about her Christian faith in the past.

In 2014, Monica gave millions of Twitter followers the opportunity to ask her questions in a session called "#askmo."

The Christian singer used the opportunity to share her faith. After her past relationships ended with one previous love interest dying by suicide, and the reported infidelity of another, the singer knows what it's like to endure heartbreak.

 When one person asked her how she overcame those tragedies, Monica showcased her faith in her simple response.

"God and great family," Monica responded.

Another person asked Monica how she managed to maintain a positive attitude. The singer alluded to the power of prayer.

"Your perspective has a lot to do with outcome," she responded. "I also stay (prayed) up."

Aside from her responses in the question-and-answer session, Monica shared her faith with fans by giving them a glimpse of her testimony. Monica previously took to Instagram to assure fans that God exists even in the worst of times.

"There is a God ... through Him I lived and loved through the worst of heart breaks, the weakest of associates, the loneliest of nights and the harsh light of hard days. …," she wrote. "It's a blessing to be #Happy EVERYTHING we go through is to get to who and what U need !! Thank U Father for clarity."


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