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RepJesusposted Thu, 20 Oct, 2016

Beyonce's Mom, Tina Lawson, Talks to Bishop TD Jakes About Her Life After Divorce.


Even though Tina Lawson, the mother of singers Beyoncé and Solange, is now happily remarried, she recently confided in Bishop T.D. Jakes that life after divorce is anything but easy.

Lawson, the 62-year-old matriarch of the famed Knowles family, appeared on Jakes "The T.D. Jakes Show" last week where she opened up about fighting doubts about finding happiness after divorcing her famed music manager ex-husband, Matthew Knowles.

"I have always believed in life after divorce, although there was a period of time when I wondered. I had doubts," Tina said, describing her feelings before her second marriage to actor Richard Lawson. "You know, I was 59 years old and was so engrossed in my work. I was running the company. I was doing all these other things and working."

For 33 years the fashion designer and businesswoman was married to the father of Beyoncé and Solange. After dealing with a divorce stemming from public infidelities, she questioned the possibility of her ever finding love again.

"I just didn't think that there was any way that I could meet someone," she said on Jakes' show. "So I started by falling in love with myself again. That was really important."

After dealing with the pain of divorce, Tina revealed that she leaned on her daughters whom she said were God sent.

"My children are my rock, and they are," she said in a previous interview with local news station ABC 13 based in Houston. "It's just been the best gift god could have given me."

The process of healing was not an easy one for Lawson who recalled how her singer daughters helped her through the painful process.

"I remember my first little pity party and I called them crying. And you know, they all came," she told ABC 13. "We had a slumber party. We watched old movies all night and ate ice cream — it was very healing."

Lawson and her husband, Richard, spoke at The Merge Summit in Los Angeles, California, last month where she revealed that she prayed for the husband God sent her.

"After I went through my divorce, I said that this time, I'm going to pray for the type of man that I should have, and I did," she said.

Lawson said she first met her actor-husband three decades ago. However, it wasn't until a friend dragged her to one of his dance classes that the businesswoman was able to become better acquainted with him.

The friendship between the pair formed until Richard explained that, "little by little, all of the things that were naturally connective, the connective tissue with us, happened in a beautiful, sort of evolutionary way."


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