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RepJesusposted Fri, 25 Aug, 2017

Gospel Singer Goes Viral for Casting Out Demons of Racism Amid Confederate Statue Debate


Nashville-based gospel singer Shannon J. Knight released a Facebook video last week in which he prayed for the "devil" of racism to come out of those in the United States swept up in the Confederate statue debate. And now his video has gone viral.The viral rant took aim at the flood of protesters who have taken to the streets of America in protest over Confederate statues. Some say these statues mark history and honor heritage while others argue that the carvings are racist symbols and repressive because they memorialize people who stood for slavery.

Knight, who is from the Music City Show Quartet, proclaimed that he had enough and it's why he took to social media with his comments."I Want To Be Somebody, Who Loves Everybody," Knight captioned his video published on Aug. 16. The clip now has over 1 million views and has been shared over 50,000 times."I just couldn't take it anymore. I've been watching the news and reading Facebook," Knight said as the video began. "I'm fired up. I've had it."

The southern gospel singer said he believes there are "a few bad ones on the black side and the white side that are acting like complete idiots," but maintained that most of the country is not racist and is working together beautifully."Get a life. Get your life right. Get a job. Do something because the majority of Americans are working together today, black and white," he continued. "They're walking the streets together, shopping together, eating together and just a couple of you crazy folks on both sides making us all look bad, stirring up conflict and strife."

Knight urged all Americans to "love unconditionally" and encouraged all people to come together in unity. He then went on to pray against any spirit that is causing division in the country."In Jesus name, I bind you!" Knight declared. "May the devil be drug out of every one of you!"As his video gained popularity, Knight continued to share his video and his message of unity.According to his online bio, Knight has been singing professionally for many years. He travels with the Daryl Williams Trio and has been featured in the Gaither Homecoming Videos and Tour. The father of three is regularly featured on Trinity Broadcasting Network's program "Unfolding Majesty."


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