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RepJesusposted Sat, 02 Mar, 2013

Paapa Set to Release Songs For Kuukua

Paapa’s childhood bespoke his musical future. His father started teaching him piano at age 5.He later took a personal interest in several other instruments and taught himself percussion , drums and saxophone . Due to a severe stammer, Paapa took to writing, penning his thoughts and feelings as an escape from his struggle with speech. He also discovered that his stammer magically disappeared anytime he read out pieces, and then took a keen interest in rap. Paapa’s true lyrical journey began at age 13, and started off with songs about girls and love (as he understood it then). He had a Yamaha MIDI keyboard with which he could make his own beats. Paapa soon began experimenting; putting his lyrics to original beats, and was on his way to becoming one of the most creative songwriters and producers in the country. Even as a Junior High student at Ridge Church School, Accra, Paapa never hesitated to show his art but his gift, however, blossomed during his senior high school career at the SOS-Hermann Gmeiner International College, Tema. Having done everything from conducting choirs and leading the school band, to directing and starring in school plays. Paapa’s undying love and devotion for music and art dictated his every move at SOS. It was also there that Paapa developed a deep love and reverence for Christ and decided to consecrate the rest of his existence to serving God. At 18, Paapa had the chance of visiting Jayso’s studio with very little intention of joining the Skillions team. Paapa blew Jayso away, was instantly invited to join the team, and he accepted without hesitation. In his free time, he is a student at Reed College, USA. Paapa grew up listening to literally all kinds of music.With a fusion of as many genres as one can think up, Paapa now seeks to overwhelm the profanity and immorality conveyed in most of today’s music and art with his fresh clean lyrics and God-inspired themes. Be it hip-hop, funk, soul, or high-life, Paapa, a devout Christian, steeps a message of God, hope and love in his work. His Solar album was just too impressive, you should listen to it!! Creativity at it’s peak. He set to release another album on the 6th of March, which is Ghana’s Independent day. A single from the album that has been making waves recently is Songs For Kuukua which is actually the title of the album, it portrays Paapa referring to Ghana as Kuukua (An Akan name for females born on Wednesday, which is the exact day on which Ghana would be marking her 57th anniversary) and telling her all that is on his mind, I can’t say much, but just be on the lookout for album on 6th March.


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