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SI Unitposted Thu, 14 Mar, 2013

#ComeAlive - It's a Movement

It is the Spirit that quickeneth, the flesh profiteth nothing. The words that I speak unto you, they are spirit and they are life. John 6:63 This is the theological brand of the movement we’re leading. The ancient word ‘’quickeneth’’ which means to come to life, is where the branding of this movement, “#ComeAlive”, sprang from. We believe its time Christians break out from the carnal and religious settings and receive the life from Christ. Spirituality is not based on physical or fleshly deeds. It is the quality or condition of being spiritual. Religion has raised generations of morally good people who have very little knowledge about the truth which is Jesus Christ. From John 6:63, it is obvious that what we need to make our spirits come alive is the Word of God because it is Spirit and Life. We are launching this movement as an event on KNUST Campus on the 24th March. The Event is going to set as the forerunner for a lot more activities on this movement including Evangelism, Community Service, Discipleship and more conferences and concerts. Kingzkid, Regardless, OBJ, Counter Attack, Psalm One, Too Deep, Christ Image, Brizzy, Percy Freeman, Lex Wealth, Adraxx and many more artists supporting the movement are set to hit the stage on the maiden edition of #ComeAlive. Uniting all these artists on a single stage, we believe, will foster relationships and strengthen already existing bonds between them. This is a vital key to promote the various genres of music (Predominantly, Hip hop) produced by these artists in our country and beyond. A good number of like-minded people and converts are expected to be raised through the event and that will form a base to spearhead the other activities that this movement is about. #ComeAlive is a movement and it never stops! Jophen J. S.I Unit Narrow Road Records.


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