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RepJesusposted Thu, 04 Apr, 2013

When We Came Alive

The maiden edition of Come Alive dubbed the spirit gives life came to a successful end at the fore court of the Republic hall,it also marked the end of the activities of the Republic Hall week.A midst the numerous oppositions and challenges that confronted the organisers,the entire program started at half past seven.The guest was the Holy spirit since,the aim of the program was to reach each and everyone in any genre of music that suited them.For starters a Choreography by name SFX ministered to the us.Selaese Beatea followed up with his Spoken Word .Jc Crew came next ministering their "over the roof" single and a few freestyles. My brothers from another mother,graced the stage,If you have ever witnessed their ministration,you how Counter Attack do it.They led the crowd through some wonderful acapella and finally their hit single "One in a Million" The Heaven Connect boys represented by Psalm 1 and Jae Milla took over performing a few of their songs and the fresh single “Mr.Attitude” they later led the crowd to some thought provoking freestyles. Lil Zigi took over and was followed by Percy Freeman,these Men of God really blessed the crowd with their ministration Then came the all star performance,.Alex Wealth made the first appearance,he performed his hit single First Love,he got every one singing with him,then came the crem de la crem of the Gospel Rap Industry.OBJ with is big brother Too Deep,Christ Image,Regardless and RS Keys.They performed the single "The Gospel in 60 bars" which featured all of them.Too Deep took his turn he ministered his "glory freestyle" single and continued with his fresh single “My Ex” which featured OBJ,Reagardless and Kaysi.OBJ,was actually launching his Seek the Truth Album on that day.He also took his turn,doing his "lights on " single.Christ Image took his turn his turn,doing his "Hip life is dead" single.Mr.Regardless took his turn in a more stylish way,ministering to the crowd his "Heaven and Hell" single.Immediately after him Rs Key took his turn,he did a few freestyles and the three,Too Deep,OBJ and Rs Key did their "non o dat" single.OBJ'S album was officially launched and the first sales were made. The most important package of the entire program was the altar call moment which was led by one of the Come Alive members he appealed to the conscience of the crowd,he explained to them the saving power of Christ and how he longed to have them in heaven.He called for those who had not given their lives to Christ and led them through a prayer.The C.E.O of Narrow road records and Come Alive movement,Michael, was invited up stage,he talked about the core aims of the movement and invited more people to join. The much anticipated ministration of the night was drawing near .Meanwhile the live tweeting section had long started.But before Kingskid graced the stage,S.I Unit,one of the groups that had worked hard for the success of this program.Took their turn doing a few of their single.Brizzy and some few other artiste also ministered to us. Kingskid came in and ministered to us,he did his most his singles and believe me he really moved everyone present.Speaking to Michael after the program,this was what he had to say:"On behalf the Come Alive movement,we would want to extend our heart felt appreciation to the almighty God for all that happened on that day,we also want to say a big thank you to Chaste Clothing,Red Spy,Salt City,Basar Promo,More To Life,all the artist that came,the entire Come Alive crew and everyone who supported the movement and everyone who made it to the program,we say God bless you! Asking him what is next for the movement, the Come Alive movement would be embarking on a camp which would be followed by tours to various senior high schools.Come Alive is here to stay"


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