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Ken Tposted a blog, Mon, 14 May, 2018

Imam Found Jesus by Studying the Koran, Paid a Price for Rejecting Islam


During his mother's pregnancy doctors wanted to abort him due to an infection in his mother's womb, but as a devout Muslim she refused.

"The doctors compelled my mother to kill the child (me), but she is a very good devotee of Allah, God. So she did not accept their advice," Mario Joseph explained on HM Television.

At the time of his mother's pregnancy crisis she prayed: "Allah, life belongs to you so I know you can give life. If you give life to this baby I will surrender this baby to you."

Joseph was led to believe his birth was miraculous, but his mother's vow of dedication to Islam carried unwanted consequences. "Because I had been dedicated to God, my parents did not send me to school. My childhood was very bad," he recounted.

At eight-years-old they sent him to a Muslim-Arabic college so he could prepare to become an imam. Remarkably, after 10 years of study, he completed the goal.

Working as a parish priest, he preached that Jesus Christ is not God. "For me, God was only Allah and I believed that Allah never got married, so no sons for Allah. So I preached that Jesus is not God."

Then someone asked him one day, "Who is Jesus?"

While he was certain Jesus was not God, he wasn't quite sure how to answer the question.

He studied the Koran exhaustively for an answer. "When I read it, the name of the Prophet Mohammad I found in the Koran in four places, but the name of Jesus I found in 25 places," he told HM Television.

He began to wonder, Why does the Koran give more preference to (the name of) Jesus?

Even stranger, the only name of a woman he found in the Koran is Mariam, the mother of Jesus – no other woman's name.

In other places in the Koran he found Jesus referred to as the "Word of God" and the "Spirit of God."

Another pointed to his title: "Jesus Christ."

"The Koran says that Jesus cured a man born blind and a man with leprosy. Curiously, the Koran says that Jesus gave life to dead people, Jesus went to heaven, he is still alive and he will come again."

He realized that Mohammad never cured any sick people and never raised the dead. "He himself died. And according to Islam he is not alive and he will not come back."


SOURCE: Christain Post


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