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DJ JaySmoke (RJE)posted Mon, 22 Oct, 2018

DJ JaySmoke - Don't judge a tree by it's appearance, but by it's fruit. (@jaySmoke)


Jesus was walking down the road, saw a good looking tree and automatically concluded that the tree must be producing some good fruits. Without thinking twice, he approached it to pluck a fruit and consume, only to find out that the tree hasn't produced any, so he cursed it and walked away. This, I believe was used as an example (I don't believe Jesus didn't know) to show us that not all that looks good on the outside is really good and vice versa and that it's the fruits being produced by the tree that determines if the tree is good or bad, it's not how tall or short or wife it's branches or green it's leaves are.

Same goes for believers in Christ, it's dangerous to approve or condemn anyone because you have an issue with the way they dress or look. Yes maybe in a certain setting like Banks, etc. But when you are doing Kingdom Business, outside appearances has got nothing to do with Spiritually. There are many who look corporate, clean cut, no tattoos or piercings etc but do the more insane things, whilst the ones you think look like thieves and whores are the most kind hearted and generous people you will ever meet. Before you conclude in your heart, first check out their fruits, many have missed their angel because they were focused on the outward appearance instead. Heb 13:2


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