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Psalm Oneposted Sun, 09 Dec, 2018

House of Vimming



House of Vimming  is an event organising company, Independent Record Label, creative and artist grooming home owned by multiple award winning pioneer of Urban Gospel rap and spoken word artist Psalm 1, the Christ Junkie. The company's main purpose is to create the platform for the youth to glorify God through excellence and showcase their God given talents and gifts. House of Vimming primarily unearths and nurture talents for the Kingdom of God. Psalm 1, the Christ Junkie's main reason why he focuses on the youth is the word of God says we should bring the children close to Him, the youth must serve God in the days of their youth and we should train up children in the way they should so when old, they don't depart from it.

He also believes that over the years, Christians have not embraced and provided platforms for the youth to express themselves and showcase their God given gifts that's why often than not, most talents are lost to the world. He argues that most of the greatest artists known to the world started off in the church and the lack of training, guidance and opportunities in the Kingdom caused most of these talents to sway. Thus House of Vimming was created to help find/unearth and build up talented youth's so they can live, serve God and most importantly, avoid being involved in social vices. Psalm 1 believes it isn't just about unearthing talents, nurturing and providing platforms but to also promote the spirit of excellence in gospel creative arts. He believes that creativity and excellence was quite missing when it came to gospel creative arts and this has caused for the world to ridicule the Kingdom of God and one way or the other, it has reduced the pedigree of Christian creative's.

As a label, the only artist currently signed to House of Vimming is Psalm 1 himself. The label is looking forward to adding some fresh young artists to their roster. 


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