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RepJesusposted Wed, 29 May, 2013

New T Shirt designs by RepJesus Apparel

RepJesus Apparel is proud to announce the launch of it's new Christ-centric designs. RepJesus Apparel is a Ghana based Clothing Line that focuses on printing only Christ-centric tshirts that will inspire, provoke or challenge the wearer/reader. The new designs, with the insciptions 'iPad iPhone iSuck without Christ and To live is Christ, to die is Gain' are the latest additions to the RJ Apparel collection. They come in the usual white and red inks and can be purchased from the RepJesus Entertainment office inside the Xfm Building, Osu. The whole idea behind the designs is to encourage believers to boldly stand up for what they believe in and to tell the whole world about Jesus Christ and what He means to them. By wearing any of our shirts, the wearer will be doing exactly that. This are the first designs of many to come, there will be only 50 of each design printed so place your orders whilst stock lasts. To order,you can call/whatsapp +233268587846 or call +233 264444764/+233233233764 or visit them on


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