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DJ JaySmoke (RJE)posted a blog, Thu, 10 Jan, 2019

DJ JaySmoke - Why God will not answer your prayers (@jaysmoke)


No doubt God can and is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we can think of, but the question is WILL HE? He can provide you with a car but will He? He can give you a wife/husband, but will He? He can give you a child but will He? After praying for breakthroughs for so long and nothing is happening, you can't help but think about Matt 8:2-3 for a minute. Are you not praying right? Don't you have enough faith? Are you not paying your tithe? Are you not giving offering? Are you not putting His Kingdom first? Are you not living a holy and upright life? Are you not doing everything the Paator is saying? So why are my prayers still not being answered? It's simple;


Why do we worry ourselves praying for things and only get disappointed? Why do we think that if we give a certain amount of money or apply oil then our prayers would be answered? Why do we fast for hours, days, weeks, months asking God to bless us as if that will force God to answer our prayers quickly? Truth is, nothing we do can make God answer our prayers any quicker because God does what He wants WHEN HE WANTS ie at the right time NOT WHEN WE WANT IT. Think about it. If you were Joseph, Job, Daniel, David or would fast and pray earnestly if you faced the issues they faced but would that have changed anything? No! God would still have had His way and in the end get all the glory but you would have been pissed and frustrated that God isn't answering your prayers. That is why our Savior simply said LET YOUR WILL BE DONE.

I've come to accept that everything that happens in life is because He allows it, not necessarily because we prayed about it and so long as am connected to Him and continue to seek first the Kingdom (what our prayer ought to be about), He will supply all my needs. So when I pray, I don't ask for material things ANYMORE, I pray His kingdom come, His will be done and at the end say NOT MY WILL BUT LET YOUR WILL BE DONE, In Jesus name, Amen.

U should try it! Shalom ☮️


God can provide anything
Hahahaha great bro! Let's keep seeking after wisdom. Bless.
Well.. You're right man.. I got it now 🙂🙂
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