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Vix ZSGposted Fri, 20 May, 2022

H.U.R.T. - The MAP

Artist: H.U.R.T.
Album: The MAP 
Release Date: 2022-02-20
Track List:
  1. The MAP
  2. Doing Me Skit
  3. Doves (feat. J Moore)
  4. In My Head Skit
  5. Movies (feat. Palace)
  6. I Guess I'm Ready Skit
  7. L.A.M.B (feat. Justa Messenger)
  8. Daily Devotion Skit
  9. Holy Water
  10. We Up Skit
  11. Celebrate
  12. I Trust You Skit
  13. R.A.M
  14. Help Me Skit
  15. Behind the Veil
  16. Elijah Skit
  17. Elijah
  18. I Had To Die To Get Here Skit
  19. Ox
  20. I Hear It In My Head Skit
  21. Sound Like This
  22. I Want To See Your Glory Skit
  23. In Your Presence (feat. Kennis Clark)
  24. Eulogy


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