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Vix ZSGposted a link, Sat, 20 Jan, 2024
Artist: Ayo Shamir
Album:  99
Release Date: 2023-11-24
Track List:
  1. 99 intro (feat. Mrs. Ayo & Lord Owen)
  2. God bless the suckers (feat. Rigz & Prodi Da Prodigal)
  3. Head of Goliath
  4. Voicemail Interlude
  5. Voicemail
  6. Foriegn Interlude
  7. Foriegn (feat. Leathle da 3rd7)
  8. Supermaxx (feat. Leathle da 3rd7 & Rigz)
  9. No tomorrow (feat. YP Aka Young Paul)
  10. Bunk Beds (feat. Da Commissioner & Prodi Da Prodigal) [Remix]
  11. All I Need (feat. RDKL & Greeneryy)
  12. Love of my life (feat. RDKL & Greeneryy)
  13. Prisoner of faith Interlude
  14. Sincerly
  15. My Soul (feat. Leathle da 3rd7 & Thavid Ruffin)
  16. Faith Lessons (feat. Leathle da 3rd7)


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