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Vix ZSGposted a link, Fri, 28 Jun, 2024

Bryann T - Prayer Changes Everything

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Artist: Bryann T
Album: Prayer Changes Everything
Release Date: 2024-06-20
Track List:
  1. Prayer Changes Everything (feat. Brandon Trejo)
  2. Clean Cup
  3. Struggle (feat. Brandon Trejo, YD Kev & Ryann T)
  4. Free My Little Brudda
  5. Complete (feat. Gospel Mike, Young Bro & Antwoine Hill)
  6. Disside
  7. Vent (feat. YD Kris, Antwoine Hill & Moe Grant)
  8. Crown
  9. We at War (feat. Brandon Trejo)
  10. Learn from This (feat. Moe Grant)
  11. Way Down in the Ghetto (feat. Brandon Trejo)
  12. Everything (feat. Young Bro)
  13. Empower (feat. Brandon Trejo)
  14. Strong in Christ (feat. Monica Hill Trejo)
  15. Free & Forgiven (feat. ZEE, YD Kev & KG Santiago)
  16. No Longer Mad
  17. Edify
  18. Make Him Known (feat. Drew Ava)
  19. Older & Wiser (feat. Monica Hill Trejo)
  20. More Than Enough (feat. ZEE & Drew Ava)



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